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Just picked this Disney signed check off ebay for pretty cheap. Looked good to me and figured signed checks are official documents that can't be forged. At least I have never heard of a forged check.

May I have other thoughts on it?

Also I plan on getting it authenticated. In terms of authenticity, Sears is the way to go, but I'm thinking of sending it to PSA as they are more well known than Phil is. This is for framing reasons as I want to make a pretty extravagant display for this piece as Disney is one of the most influential figures in my life. Also PSA's LOA is a lot more official and attractive looking than Phil's COA. May I also have thoughts on which one I should send to?

Thanks guys!


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When it comes to Disney, Phil is the top authority and no one is more respected. Go with him on this one.
I sent a quick opinion request to him already. I'm assuming it will be authentic as I think forging a cancelled check would be next to impossible. However, I want to frame the COA with the check and in terms of visual appeal, Phil's COA is a basic one. PSA's is very visually appealing in my opinion.

Also Steve, have you ever seen a forged check before or heard of one(in terms of autograph forgery)? I am just curious as that would be absolutely absurd. Figures I would ask as you are much more experienced than me and have most likely seen A TON more than I have.



I saw a forged Walt Disney check at Starabilias, a memorabilia store in Downtown Disney in Anaheim. The store closed in 2008 I believe.

That's concerning to say the least. Disneyland selling forged Disney autographs. How screwed up this world is.
Do you have any opinions on this particular piece?

Thanks for you knowledge Steve!

"The signature on the Disney bank check is indeed consistent with Walt Disney's cursive autograph for the early 1950's. I don't see any problems."

Return message from Phil Sears.

Very happy with my purchase now that I can be 100% sure it is real.



Wow, that was quick.  Phil is good with all sorts of Disney memorabilia, especially autographs.

Nice find. Would look good in a display.


Got it for $800 which is a good price IMO for a signed check. The signature is nice and bold as well and the check is in great condition supposedly. Can't wait to get it. Already have a great idea for framing.



Wow thats a bargain...congrats Kevin!!!!!!

That is a great price, Kevin.  I own one which came PSA authenticated, slabbed, and graded and it cost me 2k.



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