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FB RACC members who bought these sold as signed by Elton John in his store have compared theirs—they're Autopens, essentially identical. 


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They clearly haven’t learnt their lesson, I have just received a signed print that was outstanding from an order and clearly it’s the same as all the others. The audacity of it, have they no shame?

That's REALLY shocking actually. It seems to be like this: if you're savvy enough to suss the issue, you'll get satisfaction from complaining; however, if you don't contact them, they keep quiet... I haven't been contacted by them to OFFER a refund etc, even though they know that there's been a major issue

Yeah, I'd bought 2 and they refunded both and let me keep everything. Hopefully they'll not be so quick next time to defraud the customer... 

Damn, I returned both, anyone got a spare picture disc they don’t want :(

Happily swop it for Taylor Swift Lover heart shaped vinyl.... 

I do. I never took it out of the package. It is pristine.

A kind person here helped me to find the order number on PayPal, and I've forwarded that to Digital Stores. I've also mounted a PayPal claim and included the link to this page so they can check out what's been happening - I was at risk of the PayPal 90 day claim limit being up soon. If the store reply and satisfy, I'll drop the PayPal claim. I suggest people consider doing the same, because there IS that 90 day claim limit in place...

the store On giving your order number would of refunded you .

I have been advised by the webstore that they have issued me a refund. And that's down to the folks here giving great info and support. Thanks!


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