Looking for opinions.  Looking to bid on this at a local auction but am hesitant.  Too good to be true?

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Usually a day or two. He's fairly quick on responding.

Found another example that's near identical to the Clapton signature, especially "Eric" with the pronounced "r"

sold for 1400 pounds

this auction house way low balls estimates as the handbill was worth more than estimate alone.

it probably would have done more but there hard to deal with the auction house  .they will only take wire transerfers so ur fees adds up real quick. customs shipping. and the fact that the itiem sold overnite usa time  didn't help.about 5 am westcoast time

Lol, yeah no kidding.  I witnessed the whole thing.  I thought I was really throwing down bidding about half of what it went for but it zoomed past that very quickly.  Oh well, definitely gained a lot of knowledge over the last week.

Someone sell CREAM autographs??? Thanks. TIZ

Are you selling a set or are you asking if others are?

The second... I wanted...

And this???

And this?

Attachments: No photo uploads here

The Clapton looks good, I dont know enough about the others

I have a set if you have interest...

Thoughts on the attached Clapton from the same era? 



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