So I was prowling around eBay and I just happened to make an impulse buy. It's a Chris Cornell signed guitar (signed on the pickguard). The auction was coming to a close and I managed to score it!

The seller had a bunch of other signed guitars from various musical artists, but no one really in such high demand that set off a red flag for me. Some of his other guitars even came with a PSA or JSA COA. This Cornell, however, did not.

In the listing, he also included a picture of Cornell signing something. I couldn't tell if it was the pickguard or not, but I did an image search and couldn't find that watermarked image anywhere, so at the very least it appears the seller was there for a signing.

So what do we think? Did I walk away with a deal of a lifetime?

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Well, sorry to say but I doubt it. Others will chime in. Perhaps I am wrong. I see it just ended with a 14 day return - perhaps get some other opinions here and consider. I looked - this seller has sold 3 signed Chris Cornell guitars since August, none certified, and none of them have brought much more than what a certified signed poster or record brings at auction would bring since his death - the low price is a flag to me. The meaningless proof photo is a flag to me - seller has used 1 photo 2 times for 2 different Cornell guitars and neither of these photographs show a pick plate, but they are both from the same event. I also find it disturbing that the example you posted and the one from August lay like so when superimposed even with the camera distortion - there is too much alignment there for me and the placement seem much alike:

This is another fine example of why taking the time to post a question about these items here first BEFORE purchasing will save you money and time. Hopefully Eric's excellent response will be proof enough for you to receive a refund.

Next time, please take a breath before purchasing. And think for a minute: would someone sell a Chris Cornell-SIGNED item on the cheap, especially if they've sold several prior to your purchase?

"...And think for a minute: would someone sell a Chris Cornell-SIGNED item on the cheap, especially if they've sold several prior to your purchase?..."

Exactly. And overall, they just keep getting cheaper as well from this seller. Thanks for the nice words Jim. I reached my conclusion in this thread with only the flags mentioned, a price check and a recognition of a pattern as shown. I don't think I have ever seen a Cornell autograph. The flags should always be heeded IMHO.

I agree with Eric, not real at all.

+1 this is not legit

Oh, well that sucks a lot.

Usually I try to always check this site before I buy anything signed from eBay, however, like I said before, there were a few seconds of the auction left and I only saw that the seller accepted returns. Yes, it would have saved me time, but I took a chance.

That being said, do any of you know where I could find a legit Cornell autograph? 



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