What is the most cash you've ever spent on a single autograph? Upload a pic and show whatcha got!

Everybody loves to brag when they get a great item for a great price. How bout that time you wanted something so much you didn't care what you had to spend to get it! What is the most cash you've ever spent on a single autograph? How much would you be willing to spend on an autograph that you've been on the hunt for?

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Having seen the prices of what some have paid for autographs I am a slightly embarrassed that the most I have ever paid for a single autograph is $575.00.  I had a chance to get an extremely rare Howard McNear autograph.  It was more than I really wanted to spend, but a longtime Andy Griffith Show friend and dealer (not the person I bought it from btw) told me you will probably never find a better one.  I have never regretted buying it. McNear added his telephone number too it is on the back of an 10x8 movie still. I cannot really see myself spending more than that for any of the others I would like to have.   McNear is best known as Floyd the barber on The Andy Griffith Show.

That's really cool. I'd love to have Howard McNear for my Gunsmoke collection. While he is most famous for Andy Griffith, McNear was the original Doc Adams on the Gunsmoke radio show in the 50s and 60s.

Hey thank you Steve.  I collect Gunsmoke too although the television show more than radio although I do want to get William Conrad and Georgia Ellis to my collection.  I love the radio  show and listen to it at nights a lot.  Parley Baer the second mayor on TAGS was Chester on the radio show. 

I have been looking for years... I have never seen a Georgia Ellis autograph. Hard to believe that a major player on the #1 radio show for almost a decade wouldn't sign at least some autographs... but I have never seen one. I have William Conrad, John Dehner and more.

I have listened to all 600+ episodes of the Gunsmoke radio show... by far my favorite. I love Old Time radio.

Wow. That is phenomenal, Steve, on a number of levels!!! I wish you well in your pursuit of Georgia Ellis. You deserve it!

John Dehner is another from TAGS.  Conrad I need to try to get also.  I had no idea Georgia Ellis was so difficult .  I have listened to most of the 475 or so episodes they have on  I also love radio shows when I was a teenager I loved The CBS Mystery Hour with E. G. Marshall. 

for all you Andy Griffith fans, was just contacted by Opie's people -Ron Howard that is, who wit Apple is doing a movie about the beatles and  are interested in some video I have 64/65 cow palace and 66 candlestick

Wow that is really great sling! 

thanks, I think its white horse productions.

any idea how andy and ron howard got along? Was there a mentor relationship?

Ron Howard really respected Andy Griffith and gives him a lot of credit for teaching him a lot.  Andy in turn was extremely proud of how Ron turned out.  He was very proud of the fact that while so many child actors turned out in bad situations Ron and Clint didn't.

Very nice piece. What I like best about it is the no regrets. Many of us have passed on items because of price never to see any like them to resurface. Congrats

I learn something everyday from you Americans, I had no idea that an actor's stage name was Floyd the barber, that being a nirvana song.



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