Hi Everyone,

I'm stumped.  I got this about 15 years ago by writing Ms. Burnett.  I socked it away and forgot about it.  Just came back across it.  Is this Lithograph all simply reprinted...including her autograph at the bottom?  With the type of paper used, it's difficult to determine if her signature was printed on or actually signed.

Would appreciate anyone's opinion if they have come across this before. Thanks for your time!

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Without seeing it up close, it probably is a copy of an original drawing by her with the signature, most likely, part of the lithograph.

Thanks.  That is my thought too :(

it almost looks like sketches of some of her characters. I see resemblance to some.. interesting. Are you sure it's a litho and not original? If you hold that signature close up and examine it under good light.. you would be able to see if the ink lays on TOP of the paper.. or if it is part of the paper itself.. as in pre-print. You may need a magnifying glass.. but it almost always works. You can sometimes even feel the pen grooves..

Love Carol. I have a signed lip print and a signed doll of hers.  (pic attached)  

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Very Cool Piece!  I will see if I can determine anything...think my kids have a magnifying glass somewhere around the house.  Thanks for your help.  I've searched the internet with no luck finding something similar so was stumped.  I'm thinking it has to be a copy but just not finding anything similar

your welcome! good luck. 


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