With a PSA/DNA LOA (but I put more trust in certain members of this forum...).

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Hi, if you edit this thread title and add the word "Beatels" you will get a lot more action.

I think "Beatles" would do best ;)

Thanks :-)

This was sold through Heritage Auctions for $35K. It looks like the image was taken from the Heritage listing, which also includes an image of the LOA.

Same seller also has a sealed first state "Butcher" Cover also with photos copied from a past Heritage Auction.  STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAMMER

It seems to me that there is two authentic similar pictures with at least one authenticated by Perry Cox who considered it as one of the best signed pictures of the Beatles. It was strange to me that there could be a third one, authenticated by PSA and on sale on ebay by a seller with no rating... But you are right, this is not a third picture, this is a copy of the one sold by Heritage. I should have done my homework. Thanks.

After I told the seller he "borrowed" all the listing photos from Heritage Auctions he told me that he "won" the items there -- which was strange since he then then told me he'd sell me the photo direct for 25,000. (So he'd be taking a 10,000 loss!)  When I asked him for a proof photo of him holding the Beatles pic I got no response. No surprise there!

Photo was taken on December 7, 1963 at the Liverpool Empire.This has been around for a while...Ballroom is correct...this sold for $35,000...

Could someone please post a link to the listing and any other info you have?


Thanks, Ballroom. That's insane.

Both the Photo and the sealed Butcher Cover the seller had were removed by eBay. Not sure if this was before or after the auction ended but there is no trace of them now. Guy was a scammer for sure as I'm 100% sure he never owned these items. 



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