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How about an ongoing thread to highlight the new additions to your collection?

Whether it's a through-the-mail freebie or a big buck acquisition... it's all good. Show us what you got!

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Just received this signed Lp, autographed by Bon Scott, Angus Young, Malcolm Young and Cliff Williams

Careful, Greg. A lot of hard to detect AC/DC forgeries have been coming out of Australia for about a year now, with great stories, of course. 

Steve, It was obtained in Newcastle England at a venue where the guy I purchased it froms Uncle worked in for years, don't have the letter on me just now but think it was the Marquee club. I have sold a couple in the past and its the same as the other authentic ones sold.


Great...just wanted to give you the heads-up in case you hadn't heard.

Thanks Steve, Its good to know. Not seen many coming from Australia but have noticed a rise in autographs on ebay coming from that way.

Do you have any scans of the AC/DC stuff from Australia? Be good to have some for examplars for future reference.



I do, but they were sent to me by someone who swore their father got them in the '70s, so I better not. But I'm sure Roger has images to share. Probably will have to wait until he's back in town. Drop him an email.

an Iron Maiden rake in from Helsinki:

Dave Murray.

Nicko McBrain.

Adrian Smith.

Paul Di'Anno and Dennis Stratton.

Sweet Stipe. Where did you get?

Thank you Barry - I dig that you dig them.

I bought these together from a collector in Finland. I figured this was my only shot at having Di'Anno and Stratton in my collection. I have only gotten the chance to meet Adrian Smith and Nicko McBrain. Both were stand up fellows at the time of my encounter (this was during the 'A Matter of Life and Death' tour).


That is awesome, I love Maiden. They are in my opinion one of a handful of the most important bands in the history of hard rock/heavy metal. If you had Harris, Bruce, it would insane. But very cool as is. To me half the fun of collecting is framing my pieces. It would be fun framing those!


My newest addition.

Thanks Mike! Yes just an album. The ticket is from the Dallas concert in 68 from the person who got the sig. One really cool thing about the signature. The person had a pencil and asked Jimi to sign the paper card. The person wasn't happy with the light pencil sig so borrowed a pen and went back and had him sign the other side. Rick at The Autograph Source had it framed with a window open in the back of the frame so the pencil sig is visible. The sig in the back is very nice, and not so light in my opinion. PSA/DNA COA.


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