How about an ongoing thread to highlight the new additions to your collection?

Whether it's a through-the-mail freebie or a big buck acquisition... it's all good. Show us what you got!

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One of my newest from Maroon 5. Even the artists themselves rob you with bad graphs! 

Wow! How did you get this?

These are no good,not hand signed,so I destroyed it. Didn't cost much anyway.

Finally I´ve got one. Yippieh!!!

Surely a highlight for me, as a collector...

great score Andreas, CONGRATS !!!!

Now you have all 5 Floyd yes?. Very rare indeed.

Thank you, Shawn!

Yes, all 5 Floyds now. I´m happy!

syd barrett book?

Yes! "Psychedelic Renegades"

Very nice Andrea,congrats

Thanks Paul!

Queen "White Album" and boxed set.  Arrived today.  Thanks Paul!  So that's it.....purchased two items recently, and the collecting budget for 2018 is gone.  That was fast....



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