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How about an ongoing thread to highlight the new additions to your collection?

Whether it's a through-the-mail freebie or a big buck acquisition... it's all good. Show us what you got!

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more in from auction also JSA...got a Murcer but noticed its not authentic...got to send that one back...it looks like an auto pen for sure...I may have misread the listing because it was kind of cheap...but all in all Iam happy

Can you share a scan? Find it hard to believe Murcer used an Autopen.

check your email bro...hit me up

AWESOME SAUCE!  I'm in amazement!  Those are some real nice finds man! Congrats!

Great stuff CEE!

just in....damn i spent way to much money this year

Im lovin it! still havent got my TTM back from him I sent in november. :(

Nice haul of guitarists - I dig Malcolm's Gretsch. Do you play, yourself?

Love these Chris!

I have wanted this in my collection since this record was released. Velvet Revolver signed inside the booklet to 'Contraband.'

Thats a great piece. I have a bunch of slash alone and a couple of Matt and Duff but havent had the opp to get Dave or Scott yet. Yeah i do play stipe. My favorite right now is a  really sweet guitar that came out a few years back. Its made by gibson  and is the les paul axcess model with the floyd rose. It is an amazing guitar to play. Its super light weight compared to other les pauls and has a contoured neck that gets rid of the neck stop so that you can get to the upper frets as easy as you can on a V. It really is an amazin guitar. How bout you do you play?

In particular, I like the bit about the contoured neck. I have never owned a Gibson, though I quite like how the Les Paul Doublecut plays.

I have been playing for nine years come February. In that time I only have ended up purchasing Fenders. My electrics consist of a stock '60's reissue Stratocaster, mod Squier '51 and Cyclone. The Squier Cyclone has been my go-to guitar. It gives me twang and handles my EH Big Muff quite well.

Do you use any pedals?


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