What would be a reasonable price to pay for a Scarlett Johansson autograph right now>


The title says it all.  I am trying to get a gauge on how much one of these should cost.  I see most stuff on the Bay for pretty high dollar, a lot of what I presume to be fakes for much cheaper, but what is that range of value that I can expect to fork out for her signature?



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Hello, are you looking for an image of her in a well known character role? That will be different than a simple publicity shot or other lesser role. Some collectors prefer proper photographs that are copyrighted and studio marked, like a promo still etc.. Others will pay the same $ for a knock off copy print of less value often seen on eBay. Color or b/w might also play a role. Eye appeal/contrast/placement and inscription will also greatly influence value. I would suggest starting a "Wanted" thread here in the Buy/Sell/Trade forum and ask what people have and what they are asking - this will allow you some choice and autographs have to be authenticated to be sold here so a good bet

Thanks for the reply Eric.  I am not specifically looking for an autograph just wanting to know more of what the current range is.  I have one I got from a trusted vendor for a little over $500, however I have another acquaintance that is trying to get me one of her Autos at an event this week that quoted me considerably less and when I mentioned this to another friend of mine, he didn't believe it and said that I should probably walk away.  I trust the friend as I know him as an honorable collector/autograph hunter.  The one trying to get me the autograph has also not done anything to activate my Spidey Senses but the friend's cause for concern concerns me.

Make sense? Ha

Well, we saw in here last week William Shatner charges $80 to sign at an event and he can be resold for much more than that...and someone in here was kind enough to offer to pick things up for others happens. If you can find out what she is charging and your friend is asking less than that - well. Post whatever you wind up with here for opinions., along with the one you have.

PS - even to give a range one still needs to know what form - signed photo? DVD?

For this I would strictly be in the market for 8x10/11x14's

It's the End Game premiere in LA tonight, again I am not guaranteed an autograph, but would basically have an open offer to buy once he gets it signed and then authenticated with BAS.  The other friend says that he wants to see what happens here because it seems too good to be true.  It could be legit could be not, either way I am not on the hook for anything right now.

Oh, I thought this was some other kind of event. That would likely result in a rushed "IP"  which are often less than desirable in presentation. It: seems you do have some idea what you want - an SP. I always advise caution with 11x14's because I have seen way too many authentically signed 11x14's made by cropping and over-enlarging an 8x10 up to 11x14 for the larger price, but the quality...sometimes it just looks awful and other times OK until placed next to a proper photograph and they can sell for less to astute collectors as a result.

That's a great point to think about.  This person allows for me to submit images that he will then print out and take to the event so I made sure to select a image that should not have any distortion or graininess.  Hopefully.  Thanks for the advise on this Eric, I truly appreciate it.

Hi :) Not a computer print, right? Those may fade, have problems with receiving ink depending on finish, and do not command normal SP prices because they are not lab printed photographs which is what I hope you would be getting :) My pleasure to try and help.

Good luck!

And to respond to your questions about the type of auto, Eric.  I have her auto as the Black Widow, and I am OK with getting a photo that isn't studio trademarked, I would not mind having one from one of her red carpet events or from a lesser know movie, so long as I know that it is a legit piece.



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