Whats your rarest most hard to find rock n roll autograph in your collection?

Mine would be(as of now) a newspaper article from feb 1969 about the stones rock n roll circus signed by mick,keith,bill,charlie and BRIAN JONES at one of his few visits at olympic studios for the let it bleed sessions,the author of the article had it signed at olympic studios , a few visits it took to finally catch brian aroound march/april....right before he left the stones.

This is one of the last items Brian Jones has signed with the stones in 1969

It was purchased from Tracks UK with letters of prov.  it was expensive but well worth it.

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This should be a great subject to talk about....Show off your collection,be sure to add a picture to your reply....
Maybe this Badfinger No Dice lp signed on the inside gatefold cover by the entire group in the early 70s!Its also very unique in that drummer Mike Gibbons signed it twice and Pete Ham signed,I cant take it! after his name!The condition of the lp is extremely nice as well.Ive heard of several other signed copies of this lp that exist. Ive never seen another example quite like this one!!
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im a Badfinger collector as well,i just picked these signed petty cash reciepts up.I cant see the signatures on your album,do you have close ups....
That is currently the only picture I have, Ill look for the piece this weekend and hopefully get around to taking  close-ups of all 5 sigs.Your set of receipts are unique and nice.I had seen this set for sale recently.

I have an 12"x8" signed picture of The Rolling Stones signed by Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger and Charlie Watts. It is obtained by a good friend of mine   in their Hotels in the Uk. The autographs are very clear and nice signed.

I have many signed items by the Stones but this one is the nicest!


 photo multisignedm_zps16e93e3f.jpg

Very nice, I really like those signatures. I have been looking for a Stones signed item for a long time.

Sorry, not for sale.

If you ever sell, I hope I'm the first one to know.  Those are quality signatures :)

Michael Kasmar


My Bob Dylan signed index card with bible quotes Proverb 9:10.


Nice, what year is it signed?

It was probably signed around 1979-1980 during Slow Train Coming LP period.

My bon scott autograph is my favourite,the best rock and roll front man ever.
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