I used to have one but had to sell. Anyone know a place? Seen one around? Yes I've looked at eBay. 

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Tom Kramer had at least one, I think two, that he sold thru RR in about February 2017. They may be able to ask the buyer or buyers.

Thanks I'll contact him. I actually won a signed index card from RR but unfortunately had to sell. 

Sorry, I didn't mean Tom Kramer. I meant Tom Gregory. 

Oh I already sent Tom Kramer an email lol. Do you have Tom Gregory's contact details? 

I don't know what you want to spend, but these will give you an idea of value. The headshot was Tom's. I don't know about the other SP.

You can also contact I think he had at least one Sharon Tate. 

These are the RR ones:

Tom Gregory, sold for about $5,600.

Not sure who's this was. Sold for the low $3,000s.

Great super bold signature. Sold for about $950.

She's so scarce that prices are all over the place. There's no way to give a reliable estimate.

I've seen that top signed pic somewhere recently for sale. Ridiculous price. I don't care what the signed is on, as long as I have one. I did have a signed Tate index card I won at RR auction. It was in blue fountain pen and said 'Joe best wishes Sharon Tate' Unfortunately my ex didn't let on how bad our situation was and I had to sell it along with my Marilyn Monroe signed check from 1960.

I intend to get both back. Bucket list lol. I attached a pic, Sharon's signed is on the far left and the Marilyn check is on top of the TV. 

Attachments: No photo uploads here

it's nirvana cd signed on the table?

I would only look at reputable dealers---- is the best place I know of!



So I've had a look and emailed some ppl. If anyone sees an authenticated one either auction or sale, please contact me. 



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