I'm pretty sure there is a thread on this already, but I cannot locate it.

Since Caiazzo isn't authenticating besides his own stuff, who is the go to company or person to authenticate Beatles autographs?  Any suggestions is appreciated.


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Sorry to reply this late, I had not seen the thread earlier

A couple of thoughts.

I do as much as I can to get comfortable with an auto I did not get myself (most of them fall in that category since I am not into time travel)  I use Roger Epperson for the check and balance that makes it high confidence.  Sometimes I do it before a purchase, and he is most cooperative on his opinions. After I buy, I pay the (well deserved) $$ for a REAL LoA so if/when me or my estate needs to sell, it does not need to go through as much drama.

As a professional (and in my field) my opinion is often sought, paid for, and given. I do the best I can realizing that my profession does NOT have "absolute" results.  I would never play gotcha with another professional, and, when it comes to Roger, If I have additional information for him to consider, I sure provide it.  I do not know if the answer would have been the same had the requester stated he got the signature first hand, and provided the photos, (which are good, but again, not absolute) 

Try to put yourself at the other end: You are well established, have as high a reputation for accuracy as can be had, not a perfect one, but one of the best if not the best in the field) Now, would you want to "test" this person for $15 on a "blind test" or a "coin flip" or would you try to add value and provenance to your item/request by disclosing the source and asking for a professional opinion? I suspect the answer would have been the same: M height looks "out of family" (an engineering/statistical  term I use on a daily basis), but PERHAPS the preponderance of (other) evidence may have swayed the opinion the other way.

Another item addressing  Mr Cyrkins comment on JSA and REAL (Epperson):

I believe I have read in this site or another (do not recall)  that Mr Epperson no longer does work for JSA. However, I pose the following question for your consideration: Assume that I am wrong and JSA does consult with Mr Epperson for this example. The cost of the LoA is essentially the same (JSA or REAL) , Mr Epperson may be a few $$ less.  There is NO guarantee that JSA will "split profits" (ie consult)  with Mr Epperson, and he does not sign on behalf of JSA. If the request is sent direct to Mr Epperson, HE will loot at it, and HE WILL SIGN the LoA. Is there any sound reason why someone would ask for a JSA LoA on a music item when they can get a REAL LoA signed by Mr Epperson for the same $$ or less? There is no guarantee Rogr will see it via the JSA route, it is pretty much a foregone conclusion he will see it if sent directly.

Put it another way:

For the same cost, would you rather have a world class Physician evaluate you, or the local HMO physician? Same waiting time

Is my logic flawed here?

Why would one want to send the request to JSA when they can go to Epperson directly?

Don't worry about it, I'm sure he has been told before that this did not look right, that is why he is searching for an authenticator that will.  I don't understand why someone would pay for an opinion if they get it themselves.  If they were looking for a full LOA I understand but not an opinion.  This was some kind of "fool the expert" game that he wanted to play then post it on this site.  Like I said before, rarely is the first hump not the tallest of the three.  And yes they are sometimes equal but that still makes the first hump the tallest point on the "M", it usually is not lower then the others.  

Daniel, you just came up with two conflicting arguments for the same signature.

Both are correct. It depends how you prefer to look at it

Daniel, for a few days I have been following this discussion about your request to Mr. Epperson for authenticate your real PMC autograph. This is my opinion: In the icon you see the White Album signed by PMC in front of my eyes in 2009. I am so glad  to got this autograph in person and surely you are glad with your autograph too... I never thought of testing the members of this forum like you have done a few month ago with your autograph and I never, never thought to test an respectable authenticator like Mr. Epperson is a few months later. Why? Very simple, I know my autograph is real and I need no one to authenticate it! In June  I've  put two not in person  PMC autographs of mine in the discussion and I was very happy about every opinion. The first one (on an album sleeve) was very clear to all members it's real, the other one (on an envelope) was 50/50. So I decided to send it to Mr. Epperson for a final opinion and I became the answer-in his opinion it is real and he sent me for comparing the copy of a letter with an autograph from the same time (around the mid- seventies). Thanks again Mr. Epperson.

 I cannot understand why do you want two times that other people  authenticate a real autograph. And I don't understand to pay for it. For me it is a waste of time and money. 

oh ok, I understand now. both are correct.  thank you for clarifying.

You're welcome, terrier. I added Mr. Eppersons opinion on Juli, 8 as answer on ricardos opinion:

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Hello Ricardo and all the others who share my discussion about the two Paul McCartney autographs.

The signed record was clear to all of you, but the envelope was 50/50.

So I asked Roger Epperson and today he said the signature on the envelope is fine too. He said it is  not a common variation of his signature, but real. He sends me for comparing an handwritten letter that was written about the same time, I add this one.

Regards from Germany



Hi All

I have enjoyed reading this thread some great in depth discussion, could you look at these signatures please, I have posted them before but I have now taken the item out of its frame, previous comments were of course fakes but out of the frame its completly different, please ignore  the media type the signatures are on for now and could you feedback on the signatures only



Attachments: No photo uploads here

They still aren't legit beatles graphs.

Unfortunately, these look far off from genuine Beatles autographs to me.
Nothing has changed.still not real.

Hi all

Thanks for taking the time to reply its much appreciated





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