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I am having a tough time trying to figure out which Autograph companies are trustworthy. I think Autograph World is fine. RR Auctions seems ok but kind of pricey. I have my doubts about AACS...I've seen a lot of questionable things there. Can anyone give me there opinion about any of these dealers? I'm mainly interested in Music Autographs.

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Stay away from AACS ALOT OF FAKES! I agree RR is good but to pricey anymore, I use Todd and have not had any problems!
I have used Autograph World quite a bit with no worries. they have fair prices and S/H isn't too bad & if you buy multiple items it's better.
R. Blundy
Are you stating that you own IADA-CC?
Also I pulled up thier site and see nothing negative about me or my company. I would hate to think that they could say anything negative about me or either of my companies. In music there are very few dealers of this material at all and finding a good one can be difficult. You can bet the farm that there is no dealer of music autographs that is more honest then me.
I trust Signed, Sealed, Delivered and Autograph Source.
RR Auctions has gotten waaaaay overpriced. And, not only have they made a number of mistakes (honest ones, but mistakes nonetheless)....

I have a problem with the way Epperson hypes some of the things.

There was a Morrison signed DOors album, and he said it was the only real Morrison on an album he had ever seen. I have seen two that I knew were real, one was in my hand that day (a guy Autograph Magazine did a story on...owns some insanely cool collectables, like the Tony Curtis head from Sgt. Pepper record, signed by Curtis). He had one signed, first name only, by all the DOors but guitarist Robby Kreiger. Sent it to me to get signed, when Kreiger was in town for a concert (I got my items signed, but wasn't able to get his album signed).

Now, had Epperson just said something like "98% of the Doors albums you see signed are probably fake" I would've had no problem with that. BUt the way he stated it, kind of rubbed me the wrong way. It's like a way for people logging on, to be so mesmerized by this, as if it's the holy grail of rock pieces.

I understand it's a business, but you still have to be realistic in descriptions.

Not speaking for Roger, but we all make mistakes. And I'm not sure that's a "mistake. If Roger said what you claim he did, then it's no lie: it's the only one HE ever saw, not the only one that EXISTS. And I imagine he's seen an awful lot of signed albums in his lifetime.

Re: RR Auctions - can't comment on whether they are "overpriced" or not. What you may see are reserves and not actual prices realized. I think their PR man, Bobby Livingston, could be asked about that.

I recently asked Bobby if their prices realized include reserves for lots that don't sell, and he said no, they're omitted.

Josh--if you're talking about their music lots, have you compared their prices to ones sold elsewhere authenticated by Epperson, Caiazzo, etc.? I haven't, but I'm curious. Gotta Have It just held a rock auction and it would be interesting to compare their prices, too. They generally do their own authentication.
In my opinion Rolf Ramseier (www.rrautogramme.com) from Switzerland should be also be recommended as reputable European In-Person autograph seller. He has a exceptional knowledge in this field and is very trustful.
I agree that Rolf is right up there. My latest discovery is Pen to Paper Autographs and I'm lucky enough that they live in the same village as me. There are a lot of very good European dealers - Markus being one of them.

I've had my own autograph business for around six years and it's only after a period of time working in the industry that I actually realised how neglectful a lot of well known dealers are in terms of ensuring that their stock is genuine. Anybody can make a mistake but having countless "questionable" items at any one time is pretty bad.
How about my company, Golden State Autographs. 21 years full-time selling authentic material and 35 years as a collectors.
Caleb, welcome to Autograph Magazine Live!

Golden State Autographs was a long-time advertiser in the magazine.We never received one complaint against Caleb, and when I had his website checked out our experts they were very happy with the authenticity of his inventory.
I can confirm that Caleb is one of a handful trustful source for authentic In-Person autographs !


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