You might recall that before he died Michael Jackson’s autograph was not too outrageously expensive.  But after Michael Jackson passed away unexpectedly, the price of his autograph soared and really never came back down. Of course, it’s not very often when a music King, like the King of Pop, passes away.

Even before Prince’s unexpected passing, his autograph was already expensive due to popularity and rarity.  It’s long been difficult to find authentic Prince autographs.  But after Prince died, the price of his autographs shot up even more, a lot more, and they haven’t come back down.

I remember reading an article, before David Bowie died, predicting that David Bowie autographs would be the next music autograph to really take off.  And since Mr. Bowie died, sure enough, the price for his pen-to-paper has increased quite a bit.

So I ask, which music star’s autograph price, which today is relatively reasonable, won’t be so reasonable in the relatively near future?  And no, this is not an exercise in predicting the next major music star to kick the bucket.  It’s just a prediction of autograph pricing...for whatever reason.

Feel free to name multiple stars if you’d like.

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One autograph that I think might see a significant increase eventually is that of Mick Jagger.  I certainly hope one of my favorite music stars lives for many years to come.  However, Mick’s prolonged holiday could see large, permanent increase in his autograph price.  His auto is already not cheap, but I think it will soar.  He is just too big of a music icon for it not to.

John and Yoko autographs sets. Yes mick also

I'd say if you can get a McCartney, mick.j or a stones set cheap enough you maybe in luck. Did George Martin's graph increase in value.

Fun anecdote from one of my favorite artists about practicing her signature in her teens. I put it here because I do feel she is one of the more underrated talents in the business. Her live show currently stands as the best one I've seen so far this year (her performance style now approaching Florence Welch levels), and she has an extremely enthusiastic, dedicated (and creative) fan base. That being said, it's hard to know exactly what that will do to her autograph demand, as so much of the business is a popularity contest. That being said, the age demographic of her growing fan base is surprisingly diverse for a 22 year-old singer (which I suppose tends to happen when an artist is genuinely good).

Billie Eilish, upgraded from one club show to two (on the same day) and they finally just moved the whole thing to the United Center (arena) today. I think, in general, we probably kinda missed the boat on this one (he ascent has been incredibly sharp), but there might still be dealers/collectors who somehow didn't get the memo. 



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