Who has been the most difficult in-person Autograph to get?

I would have to say, for me, that Scottie Pippen has been the most difficult to get. He never does public signings, or make appearances, even though he played the majority of his Career in Chicago.

What does everyone else think?

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Thanks for the compliment. Yeah Brando was a real trip. Please don't get me wrong, I was not the only person there chatting it up with him on the intercom, there were other fans, and my friend Mike was along too. He was a very smart, but strange person from what I could get from the conversations he was having.

Who knows what Liz was thinking, but my face dropped when she asked me for my ID. LOL! Yeah the thing about Jackson being this generous guy is not completely accurate. He was NOT a gracious signer, as a matter of fact it wasn't until he needed fans on spuratic situations that he would sign anything (IE stopped to sign at the court hearings, trials, and of course when a new album came out.) I have a few Jackson signatures, one I obtained in person, and one my dad had signed on a Thriller album in 1983. My dad who was a Senior Vice President of Kemper Insurance at the time was insuring Jackson for an upcoming concert. During the physical Jackson is crying about something he lost, and my dad had to wait HOURS for him to stop balling to get the record signed. The item he lost....................some sort of figurine! I hope it was a million dollar figurine, and not one of Mickey Mouse.
It took me over 30 years to Get Streisand's Autograph. I finally got four photo's signed by her in WDC in 1993. Then in 1998 I received a Birthday Card & photo from her both signed. It took me almost as long for Katherine Hepburn. I met her @ the Kennedy Center in WDC when she received the Kennedy Center Honor. I asked her if she would pose for me, she told me I could have one shot, I took it, made copies, and sent them to her and I received a letter back from her. The easiest autograph I got was art work with two signatures from Charles Manson
Jordan goes to Tahoe every year and makes it clear that he will only sign at the 18th hole.
So you will get hard core collectors that wait at the putting green next to the 18th hole
when he tees off at hole 1. By the time he makes his way to the 18th there are so many people
that its like hitting the lotto if you get his autograph.

People push like your in a concert, I have had friends who have gotten there bags stolen, its crazy.
Add the autograph that you get from him is real rushed and looks like crap
I guess I got lucky. I puuled an autograph card for Pippen from a pack I bought a few years ago. Other than that, I've never gotten a response from any NBA player I've written.
Thanks, everyone, for the great thread this has become. Here's hoping you get all the autographs you want this Christmas!
when we went to six flags for a cena signing for the wwe it was rough because you has to pay the park admission and then if you wanted to meet him it was an extra 30 per person so we waited and did the meet and greet took right around 3 hrs in line in brutal ky july heat but my daughter got to meet another one of her hero's.
mithcelle musso from hannah montanah was an extremely hard one he did a 2 hour signing at adventure con in knoxville in 2008 and it seemed like every child in tn showed up
i would have to say now thats shes on top of the music world taylor sift.
taylor swift i meant



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