This is just a general question really, who do you think right now will make a good investment for 50 years?

Now let me rephrase, I don't mean The Beatles or Elvis. I mean more modern artists. Will Radiohead be a band that will be worth what The Stones are worth right NOW in 50 years? Who would be a good modern band to invest in now?

Who will stand the test of time?

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Your Jack whites, Pearl jams (rarer early 90s items) Green day, red hot chilli peppers look at flea as a bassist.
Agree with all of those names. Oasis as well.

Personally, I collect a lot of MUSE items. They've been together for ~20 years so still modern, are typically good signers, and have a very large international fan base (stadium filled tours). I also think they are a very innovative rock band as well. You can pick up fully signed CDs for under 75 when they pop up on eBay from time to time. That's just one band that I am personally fond of that I believe will increase in value over time (esp if they ever break up)

I like Muse quite a bit, especially for a newerish band. It seems like the 60s and 70s had so much great music and now in the 00-16 there aren't a whole lot of stand outs.

I agree. I am a sucker for a good guitar, not a good computer mix

There are a bunch of bands that people like, which are quite good like,The Preatures from Australia and other bands people enjoy like, The Chvrches all ok bands but no offense , there all a little conservative and I'm surprised how conservative the kids are today, its a scary thing.

When buying autographs it's a difficult thing to ask what will this artist be worth in 50 years, offcourse we can knuckle a few bands down like, GNR"S or Oasis but the idea is to find the gems from those artist know before there worth much more.

A few guys own guitars that were used be Pearl jam and Kiss that have been smashed, have a look at Richard booths kiss guitar. Jack white ( the dead weather hand painted record at the opening night of TmR, sells for 3k and up. Frank Kozik early posters of Pearl jam are selling for big bucks and the other popular artist will increase. I own a couple of postcard from members of Pearl jam ,with good content talking about Saturday night live, there the kind of items I like, something a bit different than the normal run of the mill graph.

Can I add my Curtis Mayfield signed programme for example, here is an artist who has been inducted into the RNR hall of fame twice and he sang about cultural significant events ,civil rights, but yet his autograph isn't worth much and the tpa have a difficult time knowing what his signature looks like.

Now if Curtis sig isn't worth much I don't have much hope for some of these other artist of the 21 century.

Moon walkers, maybe some of the tech guys Jobs, Musk, etc. Famous people over musicians should hold up more over time.

Father john misty , josh tillman perhaps because he likes drugs and may eat too many mushrooms.

Where would you put your money Adam?

Everyone has replied on facebook, anyway time will tell the artist that speak too future generations, like The Beach boys ,California girls , Hawaii.

I think all of the early 90's big grunge bands are obviously going to stay popular. I think Radiohead could be in the same breathe as Pink Floyd in the future, Oasis could also be too.



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