Hello all.  I am a beginning collector for my own personal enjoyment.  Thinking of purchasing one or both of these for my own personal collection.  Seeking thoughts and opinions on authenticity.  Thank you.  I hope I am doing this correctly.  First post.  I apologize in advance.


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Here is one to compare to.  Willie Nelson signed it right in front of me prior to the concert.  The “W” connecting to the “y” is much different on mine than on the two items that you posted images of.  Consider that mine was signed on the street and in a rush on his way to the stage.  Good luck, Troy.

Here’s one I got from probably PledgeMusic 

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Since posting the image, I have taken a closer look at mine.  There appears to be a break between the “W” and the “y”.  As a matter of fact, I am not sure if it is intended to be the “y” or the beginning of the “N”.  Regardless, the one in silver Sharpie seems to compare better.

I don’t believe either of the photos are authentic.  The Ebay one is laughable, and the other picture posted is a forger’s attempt at willie’s more recent, abbreviated signature - but it’s still bad, IMO. Willie used to be a prolific signer but has slowed down a lot in recent years. Still, there are PLENTY of unquestionably authentic examples in the market that can be purchased inexpensively. I would avoid these two for sure. 

There is no “y”.  I just realized my mistake.  It must be the beginning of the “N”.  There is definitely a break in the autograph at that point.

Thank you so much for the replies.  I really appreciate the feedback.  I have tried very hard to get Mr. Nelson's signature in person with no success.  I wish it wasn't so difficult to find an authentic signature.  I am concerned with everything I am reading about Kevin Martin and Piece of the Past, Inc. 

I can only say that it was not planned.  My friend and I saw his bus, and followed it until it parked outside of the stage entrance.  We waited for hours.  We missed Nickel Creek’s performance.  By the time he came out, there were 20-30 people there.  He signed for everyone.  He was gentle and kind.  A true gentleman.  My friend thanked him and gave him a little pat on the back.  “My pleasure,” he said.

Best of luck, Troy.



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