Wilt Chamberlain cut - real or not ?
I collect autographs...i go to venues and get them myself...and i rarely if ever buy them...however, i am often given an autograph from another collector.....years ago i was given this matted pic/cut of Wilt Chamberlain...which i have kept for 15 or 20 plus years....i don't think it is real now that i look at it.....and i have nightmares about florida COAs....Anyone familiar with James Sonier or this company? I was told it came from a page full of signatures destined for a UDA Chamberlain signing and auto piece.....great story....it cost me nothing as a gift but i never framed it since it was an odd ball size...
Any thoughts on it being real or not...

thanks for your time....

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tim, i truly believe the one you have is genuine

I was lucky. I got to meet him when he was actually a very willing signer. It was January 17, 1998, the day Wilt Chamberlain returned to his alma mater, the University of Kansas, after a forty-year absence. We were told by Allen Fieldhouse workers that Wilt would not be signing any autographs. And then, with about five minutes left in the game, it was announced over the PA that "Mr. Chamberlain will sign autographs for a limited time after the game". So my friend and I raced down from our seats to get in line. Wilt ended up staying for I believe more than 2 1/2 hours until everyone who wanted an autograph got one. They said he signed I believe over 2000 autographs that day. He had been really moved by the the roaring ovation that Kansas fans gave him at halftime, both before and after his halftime jersey retirement.

thanks...i respect your opinions and multiple contributions to the group....thanks for your post....this one's tough for me....

I believe it is fake too. He typically stacks his autograph. Also alarming is that it is slowly drawn and has really poor flow. Also forgers typically target paper slips and try to compensate for that with appealing displays. Also that printer coa doesn't do any favors.sorry bro I would look for a signed trading card those are cheap,encapsulated,and real.


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