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Your Favorite Comic Book related Autograph or Convention Story.

The comic book industry is probably my area of expertise mainly because I get to work with a lot of the writers and artists every year to help raise money for the charity I work with named The Hero Initiative. I am on their Regional Board and what I do is handle setting up at conventions and recruiting volunteers to help run the tables and watching the lines and selling product. We have artists and writers drop by to do signings and sketches for donations.


But I also get to meet a lot of celebrities at these same conventions so it is all good. But I pay my own way and don't get reimbursed for any of my expenses.

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I will be going to Chicago Comic Con for the second straight year. I'm not sure if I will make Dragon Con again this year or not. I know I missed you at Dragon Con last year.
I'm at my office and can't upload a photo of it, but one of my favorites is my 1st Edition of the Fantastic Art of Frank Frazetta signed by Frank himself.   It includes the cover of several of my favorite Warren Magazines and Edgar Rice Burroughs novels.  I got the book in the 1970's when it first came out and got it signed years later by actually mailing it to Frank with an SASE and a nice request.


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