Hello to all. I will start by posting this signed 8x10 photo of Bruce Lee from "Enter the Dragon"

I would be most grateful for your thoughts.


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I am not a Bruce Lee expert
but what I read is, that Bruce Lee signed on almost no photo of Enter the Dragon.
The only thing I've seen that is authentic and certified is this one.


Thank you for sharing the image, but like mine, I believe it not to be real. Because of one simple fact. Enter the Dragon did not finish production until April of 1973. However, only a few months after the completion of Enter the Dragon, and six days before its July 26, 1973 release, Lee died.

Promotional items such as photos for Enter the Dragon were not created until after his death. So this makes it impossible for Lee to have signed. This little known fact comes from Al Wittnebert, president of UACC.

I've heard it like this before

In the description it says that it should probably be the only one signed, and possibly the last autograph of Bruce Lee.
In my opinion it is possible

Here the past Auction Link

Don’t let the JSA LOA fool you, this is not an authentic Bruce Lee autograph.  In fact, it’s really not that close.  Slant and spacing is off.  The Chinese symbol for dragon isn’t even drawn correctly.  There are very very few genuine 8x10 photos that Bruce ever signed, and they are the rarest of his signature types that can cost in the tens of thousands of dollars.  

This doesn't look right. Odd and labored.


Having looked at autographs of him over the past 30 odd years (and I still don't own one) this is NOT genuine. 

I have no idea how JSA could have authenticated it. I was around in 73 and it is highly unlikely any sort of promotional Enter The Dragon images were signed by Lee back then, just a few weeks prior to his death. 

And, the Chinese part of his writing is clearly forged by a westerner not fluent in Cantonese. 

This is definitely not by the hand of BL. 




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