Thought I would share this beauty with you....

1. Awful scam/fake autograph

2. The LP featured is a  Parlophone pressed LP manufactured in February 2016 - a month after Bowie's death

3. Certified by the same shyster company that sells all the fake guitar and LPs at Charity auctions (an ex senior NY police officer no less..)

4. $2500!!!!

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Sorry - forgot to add the seller has called it a "First Pressing" (ie 1972) in the main title!

Wow - And you can see that it says Digitally remastered on the label with a 2015 date.

Incredible and sad :( 

Hi Mark :)

That is really sad!

I had to come back to this. The thing was manufactured after the artist died. No excuses for whoever buys this. I don't have much sympathy here. Half the questions asked online are answered in under 1 minute Google time. Discogs or whatever that is would likely tell you when this was manufactured with minimal looking. And that is obviously not anything even remotely like a Bowie signature from any period and the man varied a LOT in just seconds. 

The seller has now reduced the price by $1000 (to $1500) since I made them aware of the fact its a Feb 2016 pressing - note: not removed, just reduced. I think the term "brass neck" applies perfectly here, its not worth $20 now its been soiled by that scribble.

Hi Eric!



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