Is this real or fake?

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Nobody who can confirm?

I'm not familiar with this signature, and exemplars can be copied, and slightly modified by crafty forgers, so my commentary is based on solely the material and ink. It looks convincing because material like this is very unforgiving for forgers. it's typically difficult enough for the authentic signor to neatly execute his handwriting, a name he's written thousands of times, on this type of material, let alone a frequent signor (forger), who doesn't have the same fluency writing it. Material tends to trap, snag, and pull a track off-line, the finer the surface, the less it will effect the path of the tip, the more coarse, the greater the line will be affected. In this case, I see no evidence of distress, not even small glitches in the line, signaling to me that the signor is a master at signing his name. No hesitations or tell tale signs that would be amplified by it being signed on material and not on a solid surface. I tend to give a thumbs up because of this.

thx woody for your answer

You're very welcome, Johnny.

Well, as a united fan, im up there a lot, and ive seen him sign after matches etc, theres things i like about the signature, and a few little bits that dont fit how i have seen him sign. However thats a PSG shirt, so i'd imagine it was signed pre his united period, so there could be those slight differences due to a slight evolution in his signature....of which, i have no knowledge other than what ive seen him at united, alot i like about it, few little bits throw me off, i'd lean towards the fact that it is good since the general flow and shape fits.

Fake. Seen those images used as "proof" many times. Those signatures are as bad as the proof unfortunately
When i google zlatans autograf it look like this one middle of the shirt with a smiley
googling an autograph isn't a great accurate representation of ones signature. In amongst the images will be fakes. That item has not been signed by zlatan. It's a very common style fake. You see it all the time them putting the smilie face. And yet I've never ever seen him do it. Most likely he did it once years ago and so there copying it. It's not a genuine signature. Neither is the other signature that's supposedly be signed by the player
Also the fact they don't show most the other signatures should put you off. Plus they don't even spell player names correct in the description........bad bad fakes.

Any responce from seller junglelander yet?

no nothing :/



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