I recently purchased a scrap book from a local antique/junk store, I like to track down family so I can give it to them. I opened up the book to see where to start, low and behold there was an autographed signature of Andy Griffith. The scrap book had articles from Manteo and Roanoke Island, North Carolina, in the 1950's. It says "This is Andy Griffiths autograph that I got July 13 1957 at the drug store" I would imagine it's authentic, it also has an article from the readers digest about the Lost Colony from 1956.  I'm now battling with my conscience on whether to keep it or find its family.

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You bought it in good faith no reason to feel bad about it. Nothing wrong with changing your mind not like you promised it to someone. Depending on the authenticity and condition of the Griffith signature you could always scan that page or copy it. Then I would just tell the person you ultimately give it to that you kept that particular page. Sounds like a scrapbook of source material available elsewhere rather than a journal.

I believe I'm going to keep the autograph and donate the scrap book to the historical society, it has a lot of interesting things in it.

That sounds like a win, win situation to me.  If there is anything of historical interest you might just photocopy that and put in the scrapbook so for informational purposes it is still there.




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