Could I please ask the group to weigh in on the authenticity of this Andy Griffith signed photo?  The “A” in Andy looks pretty good to my eye (although I still consider myself a novice when it comes to authenticating Andy’s signature), but the rest of “Andy” looks a bit unusual and different from what I have seen on his checks.   Thank you in advance for any and all opinions!


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Greg in my opinion which may or may not mean much, I think it may in fact be genuine. I say that because 70% or so of it looks like his actual signature when he took time to write it out. Just my opinion it could of been rushed, he could of looked up and it ran on him. The A is correct. G in griffith and the ff as well. I like the line above the t in his last name. Buy the same token it could be a great forged version. Not too many however are as close to genuine as this one. There are much better experts in here that will give you great advice. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you very much, Frank.  I really appreciate your opinion.

Kind regards,


Greg you are more than welcome. Again there are others in here who are very good at his signature as well. I would listen to them too. Best of Luck!!

Sorry for the late response somehow missed this.  I agree with Frank that it has a lot of good things going for it.  I also agree with Dr. Loomis that a forger likely would not sign like that.  The ending of Andy is not all that difficult.   Why did he sign that way?  His arm might have gotten bumped, and he just added the long "7" last part to save it.?  While I think it likely is genuine, it is certainly atypical.  Andy Griffith autographs, while uncommon (in authentic form) are not extraordinarily rare.   If I had this in my collection, I would keep it, but I would also be looking (and saving) for a more typical signature.  

Believe it or not this signature just might be good. It has things I really like AND no forger in his right mind would sign it this way. I vote authentic.



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