I purchased 2 items from one being a signed poster of Rebel without a Cause by James Dean claiming to be an original 1950's German poster when it arrived it was nothing like the one depicted, and very much English, the other being a signed photo of Princess Diana. I took both to Paul Fraser of Paul Frasers Collectibles and formerly Frasers Auctions he confirmed that after a thorough inspection they are both forgeries so I contacted neautograph to report my findings and to request a refund as they boast a lifetime money back guarantee. After a few days they replied stating they would issue a full refund but that was 2 months ago and they are now ignoring my emails. I have informed the FBI via their website.

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It won't go to civil court. We will not remove information about them.
Is the atty who's name they mis-used taking any possible action?

Hi Guys, 

Just like many people, I've been robbed by Neautograph website... I've bought a 150$ autograph that I never received.. I sent them many emails but they do not respond anymore.

I'm located in Europe so I've no way to get my money back,

I've even called my Credit card company that would have be OK to cancel the credit but they need a real proof of the robbery from the police department, unfortunalty the police does not accept to take a claim for an autograph...

Please people living in the US, do something for this site which is making lot of profits by robbing people. I was thinking that such site and fake business would be impossible to exist and stay alive during years in the US, maybe I was wrong. :-(


This site was recently brought to my attention and appears to still be thriving.

Are they serious? Look at the Michael Jackson and Muhammed Ali. LMAO.

The sad part is someone will buy them.

Half the fun of this one is trying to figure out who these signatures are supposed to be.  Is that Sean Connery in the middle?  Cause . . . um . . . he was great in Raiders.

Look at the banner at the top of their website: "World Recognize Memorabilia" instead of "RecognizED".
That would have turned me away immediately.

Hi Sandie,

I'm posting from BBC1's Fake Britain series. The series raises awareness about the world of counterfeiting. We work alongside relevant authorities to reveal fraudulent activities and give advice about how to avoid the traps of counterfeits and what to do if you do buy something that turns out to be fake.

We're interested in exploring the subject of fake vintage movie posters and I'd be keen to hear a bit more about your experience. I do understand it was a few years ago now but I'd be keen to find out if it has been resolved and what action you took. I'd be very grateful if you could get in touch with me.

My email address is [email protected]

Many thanks,

Emily Wallis

So not true bought several items and love them they are completely authentic, I had them inspected and they came back 100% authentic. These people are lying they came in excellent condition, and they all came back PSA/DNA Verified. 


If you're a customer of Neautographs, why did you just sent me this message threatening to sue me for comments about Neautographs on this site? 

Here's your message to me:



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