"Collectors should be especially concerned with jerseys, photos and single signed baseballs that have a hologram with GAI/Global Authentications on them."

Fake Sandy Koufax autographs and unlicensed collectibles are flooding the sports collectibles industry via the Internet and charity auctions at an alarming rate, warns Harlan Werner, longtime agent for Sandy Koufax.

“Third party authentication companies do their best and their services are opinions, ” said Werner. “Each company uses experts to review the item and render their opinion. Having worked for Sandy for nearly 30 years, I am quite confident that we have a better understanding of his autograph than any third party.

"Collectors should be especially concerned with jerseys, photos and single signed baseballs that have a hologram with GAI/Global Authentications on them. Along with the flood of fake autographs, there are numerous unlicensed items that have infringed on Koufax’s trademark being sold through online auction sites.”

Werner and his company Sports Placement Service Inc., previously represented Muhammad Ali and he assisted the FBI in the late-1990s to help stop the flood of fake Muhammad Ali autographs being sold into the market place, which was documented in the book , OPERATION BULLPEN.

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“Third party authentication companies do their best and their services are opinions, ” said Werner. “Each company uses experts to review the item and render their opinion."

I'm not sure that statement is compatible with the statement being made in the third paragraph. 

These athletes and/or their agents need to get together and file a lawsuit aganst Global. Maybe they don't realize how deep this goes and how much money is being taken from their clients. Why would someone buy a legit Bobby Orr, Koufax, Jim Brown, or pay private signing prices when they can get a GAI special for 75% less.

Exactly, Steve.

Look all of those Derek Jeter forgeries certed by Global Authentics!!!!

Here is a Sandy Koufax forgery "certified" by Global Authentics listed by eBay power seller vance9506 who just happens to be a GA selling machine, with over 14k positive feedback the majority of which is GA "certified" items. Imagine that:


Of course, magically, eBay seller vance9506 also has a Clayton Kershaw forgery "certified" by Global Authentics as well:


Oh, and eBay seller vance9506 has also sold 4 other Sandy Koufax "autographs" in the past month alone including 3 jerseys. Of course, all "certified" by Global Authentics. Amazing, isn't it? Take a scroll through these seller's feedback pages and you'll give up very quickly on trying to count how much money they are making off of GA JUNK.









That's over 1k eBay seller vance9506 has made off of Global Authentics Sandy Koufax forgeries in the past MONTH ALONE. And that is just an incredibly small FRACTION of their sales... Absolutely sickening.

Another day, another putrid batch of Sandy Koufax "autographs" certified by Global Authentics on eBay. Here are 3 new ones listed by eBay seller tiwell9


If you do not like helmets, no worries, they have a jersey:


If you don't like the home jersey, no worries, they have the alternate. This one even professionally framed and ready to hang!!!! (Another common theme among "GA" sellers...)


Here is yet another "batch" of GA crap, these listed by eBay seller heritage_autographs


This is a 100% Clayton Kershaw forgery:


This is a 100% laughable Puig:


Pathetic Cabrera attempt:


Of course a Sandy Koufax "signed" jersey:


Isn't it an amazing "theme" here? Power eBay sellers + unlimited supply of every major star's "autograph" on every surface imaginable, all "certified" by Global Authentics, all at incredibly low prices? It's amazing, isn't it?

This is an authentic Sandy Koufax signature from 2015 Spring Training, for reference:

Even Koufax thinks Steve Sipe and GA suck. Classic.

Global Authentics stickers everything. No ethics.

C'mon guys... I think we need to step back for a second and consider the possibility this is all part of a vast conspiracy among PSA, JSA, Autograph Magazine Live, reputable auction houses, and Sandy Koufax.

That's funny, Steve.

Wait a minute, maybe Global Authentics rehired Bob Gryder.

What really cracks me up is when someone accuses PSA and JSA of conspiring against them. That would be like Ford and GM conspiring to put Yugo out of business.

That's a great analogy, Steve.



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