Hey guys and gals, I just got some great news back regarding a bat that I had bought just to get signed.  It turns out it possibly was used by Pete Rose himself.  Unreal!  Here is what I was told by one of the top guys in the "game used bat world"

"1977-79 professional model not documented in Rose's personal H & B records but consistent with bats used earlier in his career, most likely a team index bat available for Rose or any other player to use.  I would get that autographed if it was me...  Thanks for the pics"

When dealing with game used bats, I have learned just the slightest of markings could differentiate that bat from being a gamer or a store model.  This is a new area I am excited to study up on and learn.  Here are some pictures of my bat that will soon be signed.

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This thing is so damn sweet !!!!! WOW 

I think I may have one of these models signed. (S2 signature model) What is the length and stamp on the knob?
Here is mine. Ive tried to research it without much luck. I'd love to know if it is the same as yours. :-)

Zipper, Thats a nice bat!  It is a store model bat. The way you can tell on yours is the logos are stamped then painted not burned in.  Probly is from the mid to late 70's though so a nice collectors piece still, plus the Hit King himself signed it, AWESOME!

my bat is 34".  no stampings on the knob. 

yours probly has a length stamp on the knob, or like a PS2 or S2?

They did make some S2 models in the 80's that look like the gamers (burned logo), ut the knob stampings give them away.  Also some of them have the modern Louisville slugger logo instead of the proper H&B logo.



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