Hi - I 'm researching a massive collection of in-person signed photos belonging to an old Finnish music & concert producer/promoter. It includes hundreds of photos of various stars and bands who have visited Finland from the 1960's to the 2010's. The collection also includes a couple of scarce items which have not been got in Finland nor in-person but have been got with a manager's help or by some other way from the backstage/dressing room.

I'm kindly asking your help in researching this signed photo of The Doors. The gentleman owing the collection worked with the group's record label in Finland and also visited Sweden as they were having their concert in Stockholm in 1968.

He never met the group in-person but was lucky to get this signed photo with a help of the band's Swedish record label. The photo has been hanging on a wall for many years and that's why some of the signatures are not very clear anymore. Unfortunately, e.g. the signature of Robby Krieger is almost non visible. 

The signatures are not printed nor stamped. Please, be kind and give your judgement about the authenticity of them. They really look like real ones - but could they be secretarial?

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I've seen this image signed before. I thought it was printed or something.

tHOSE AREn't signed. preprinted and handed out. they gave them out at Fillmore shows, too

These aren't the printed signatures that are found on this same image. I've seen a few like this and the signatures differ. I don't think they're secretarial.


Could you please take a high-resolution image of this photo and upload it? It's too hard to give you reliable opinions based on this image. Please take a high-res image of the back of the photo too.

i think this is the real deal sum where signed in person and the signature are diferent from the printed on sigs i saw before , great item would love to own this Tom

There isn't enough contrast to get a good look at the signatures. If you could retake it at high resolution, much larger, then maybe I can enhance it and make the autographs more visible. 

Sorry - added a wrong photo - I have just added the correct high res one.

Hi - (I thought the photo would get bigger when clicking it). However, here is the high res version of it. The signatures really don't look like printed ones. If printed, there should be other 100 % exactly same examples of these available somewhere. I have not found any on the internet but if somebody knows more about the possibility of these being printed, please be kind and let us all know. The only thing I have found so far on the net is the same photo with different kinds of signatures: http://www.doorscollectorsmagazine.com/door_mem/autographed/

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It's hard to get a good look at Morrison's and Krieger's signatures. Not enough contrast and I couldn't bring much more out in Photoshop. Morrison's is what it's all about of course.

They aren't secretarial. Rather than scan, can you take photos with a camera, including a couple at an angle that might bring out the signatures?

And the back at an angle to see impressions on the reverse.

Here is the best I can do with my computer and camera to get Morrison to show better - close-up of the signature (so sad this photo was hanging many years on the wall and was affected by the light/sun)

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One of these signed photos was used for a German picture sleeve.

Thanks for this BallroomDays67. This is the exactly same photo than mine. Luckily the autographs on this album cover are a bit different from my photo - which gives  a hint that mine would not be printed/mass produced...until it will be proved other ways...

(Here is even a bit better link to that album cover http://www.45cat.com/imageview/11B77C770EE21678771 )


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