Ebay seller username ribay020707 seems to be out of control with forgeries. As I write this he only has 2 listings but take a look at his sold items! He already sold a forged Bruce Lee for $500 and his current Bruce Lee is bid nearly as high. The items pictured below are NOT the same although very close. At first I thought he was reselling a returned item, but it is just a reproduction of the first forgery. He sold some "signed "JFK doodles for $229 and I even found the source of his forgery. The first pic is what he sold, the second one shows his forgery and the authentic doodles that he used as the source of his forgery. It goes on and on with all the big names listed in the discussion title and many, many more. I encourage anyone reading this post to go to this sellers sold listings and see for themselves what a travesty this is. People think they are getting a big bargain and they are getting ripped off big time! Ebay is oblivious and wouldn't care even if they knew.

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To make it easier follow this link to this sellers sold items:

Imagine how much items like this would go for -- if authentic -- at a credible auction house...

I still think it's worthwhile to report him. That way if someone files a claim against him in the future there's a trail of people saying his stuff is fake. I know it's peeing up a rope with eBay, but just think a few seconds of submitting a complaint now might help someone else in the future.

I hate forgers. They're right next to telemarketers, email scammers, ticket scalpers and people that file phony insurance claims on the scumbag scale for me. 

You know, I'm going to do it, but I have to get on the phone with eBay and get an employee who gives a rat's ass. There is no way to report forgery per se with an online report. I spent the better part of a year trying to get a notorious shill bidder kicked off of eBay and the worst they ever did was suspend him for 30 days from listing anything. He refrained for a while but then he returned to his shill bidding, I reported him again and all they did was suspend his auctions for 30 days, but not his selling privileges. He cost bidders hundreds if not thousands of dollars by j****** up bids in his own auctions. eBay is absolutely complicit in the fraud that goes on.

I've called and reported fake graphs before. If I get a couple minutes tomorrow I'll call and report him too.

 I have discovered there is another seller, briawilso_28 who has subsequently sold at least two identical forgeries that that ribay020707 sold only weeks earlier. They are a Lou Gehrig check and a card with the signatures of FDR, Churchill and Stalin. It gets more curious by the moment.Did briawilso_28  buy the Gehrig check for $4999 and then turn around and sell it for $9500? Could be, but why did he buy the FDR, Churchill, Stalin item for $1026.39 and turn around and sell it  as a "buy it now"  item for $495. It makes no sense. Is briawilso_28 a victim or a co-conspirator? I think it's the latter.

Look at this joke of a forged Babe Ruth sold by Ebay seller Ribay020707.

Phony Barry Halper COA.

This crap originated from Coach's Corner Auctions (also know as Roach's Korner Crap).

This is why selling forgeries is easy.

With Ebay so heavily-populated with delusional autograph collectors, selling forgeries is easy to the gullible.

Don't forget the "Dopey buyers"..LOLOL It is so out of control it's really not funny, but then why am I laughing?

And Joe... "seems to be out of control with forgeries".

LOL, I almost wet my pants,  Seems to be  

Really classy.... education comes at a price...finding it funny seeing someone getting ripped off..says a lot about you...

yes it does...I have a fabulous sense of humor. Too bad your so rigid as to not smile once in a while. LOL AND it is funny because most of the people getting ripped off are stone cold idiots PERIOD, IMHO.

I guess you dont make mistakes in this industry ....ever ..LOL 



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