Hi there, I am interested in possibly purchasing an autograph or more if my budget allows. I am looking for an autograph from these celebrities. In no particular order the celebrities I'm looking for for autographs from are Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Chris Farley, Queen or just Freddie Mercury, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Paul McCartney and John Lennon. I have a max budget of $1,000 that I'm willing to spend. Let me know if you have anyting how many of these celebrities that you're willing to sell. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks Ryan

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Those are nice and coming from you I know they are original. Is that another signature on the bottom image? The EC also looks more compete on the bottom - something Ryan will be caring about I am sure. Nice stuff John and well done.

if ur asking about the bottom orange one not signed by poster artist but its a kozik first printing if u know who the poster artist kozik is.

claptons sig would change from itiem by itiem every time he signed he was very inconstintant u were just happy he took the pen from you.

I spent years chasing Clapton and he wasn't easy and hasn't done much in the 15 plus years in signing

Thanks. From what I just read Frank Kozik is rather important and this looks a super item 1990 as well - getting vintage! 

Kozik was one of the poiners of so called modern poster art like mouse kelly Griffin were the originals from 60s .kozik is know for his nirvana soundgarden pearl jam posters selling for  thousands just as original posters 

I guess I was wrong about Clapton. I must have been thinking about someone else because I can't seem to find what I was referring to. I still stand by my general description - they are not scarce. If you do a rrauction search there are pages and pages of past results. 

That's because john has has been selling of his stuff but u dont see if the item sells stuff there has hidden reserves



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