Again another small (8x 5 appox) venue papers from a small club on Oahu back in the early 80s, possibly late 70s at "Gussie Lamours..".  This was an unusual regrouping ofthe Mamas & Papas set up by John.  It included both himself and his daughter as well as Scott Mackenzie and Spanky McFarland.  Surprisingly they had a very nice sound together.  It was a period when everyone was pretty intensely partying and Mackenzie was trying to get her "sh.." together.  But obviously was still "burning Mothers Herbs a wee bit as thats why we and her dad met after the show in their dressing room.  Again they were amazingly humble folks considering their stardom in different arenas of the entertainment fields.  I believe that this may have been one of the few times they actually performed together (if not the only time).  And I have found no other place where both the father and daughter were together as a band and signed the same document together.   They are the only two to sign the page (but i thik one other did sign i just cant make it out--lol... ALOT of things are blurry from the old daze,,,lol...

I have checked out autos from both and nothe that Macenzies are minimum collectors prices 10 to 30 bucks but her dads have sold for a bit more up to a couple hundred in asking prices.  But NONE of the autographs are TOGETHER as my is due to the EXTREMELY volitale nd crazy books and stories Mackenzie wa releashing to the public in reference to her childhood.

I have noted that Johns autographs go for anywheres fom $99.00 to $299.00 alone not even including the daughter. 

And as usual I am clueless so for my friends here I am only ging to ask  $80.00 bucks for the sheet they both signed on.  Due to the VERY serious issues that have been raised by Mackenzie about her father and rumoured "incestuous reltionships between the two.." to find them both on the same stage and actually signing together in itself is a rare circumstance.   Please again remember I am clueless and enjoy the chats involved in hearing true historians and colectors such as yourselves telling me the inside scoops. 

Again remember that i LOVE Jim Morrison (autograph) or would consider combining sales to get a neat electric guitar for my wall of collectibles.  I do have tons of unsigned collectible albums, and autographed copies of John Mayal, Commander Cody ,  New riders,  Jesse Colin Young,  youngbloods, etc. to mix and match if we communicate and I find somthing yo my have been hunting for as examples cover art that was taken off after first releases on things like Moms Apple Pie, or early Nuggent when he was known as MONGREl... just never know what record i might have back to Brownie Maghee..... 

I wantto add that my autographs are not BOUGHT items, they are LIVE in person, twisting and burning personal autographs from the celebrities directly to me.  Can't get any closer than that !!!

Mahalo nui loa, joed


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