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  I'm new to AML.  I posted this question in another area, but believe it was lost or buried. Can anyone give me their thoughts on this Burton & Taylor signature in a Hamlet Program from the 60's- Authentic or not.  I didn't get it in-person-obtained from the person inscribed to.

Thanks a lot!


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Hello! Here is the Burton Close-up



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The same - I do not like it.

Hello Josef,

 Thank you for your opinion. My strong area is in-person Music

Hello Josef!

 Thanks for the advice. 

I do not like it. Very.

Thanks again


These all appear to be forgeries

they don't look right to me

Hi Michelle!

 Thanks for your response. Looks like the same answer from everyone. 

Hello Bob!

 Thanks alot for taking a look. The answer seems to be the same from everyone. Taylor & Burton are not my strong area.  I have been collecting in-person autographs for many years-mostly music

Hi Bob-

A number of years ago I send a photo of a young Elizabeth Taylor to her Agency. They keep my photo (too sexy, I guess) but returned a signed studio PR glossy of a mature Elizabeth Taylor. I'm not sure whether my ET autograph is genuine or a clerical imitation (several celebrities were well known for this ploy - Tom Hanks, Paul Newman, for example.

In any case, my signature only slightly resembles the signature you have posted. Both signatures appear to be in ballpoint pen but the capital "E" on mine has three loops unlike the one you have. Also the "l" , "z" and "t" are different. Otherwise, the scribbled nature of the handwriting seemed to be alike. The last name on mine is  "Taylor" whereas yours is "Burton"

I am far from a handwriting expert but in my opinion they are different. But if you enjoy collecting autographs, just don't try to pass it off as genuine, and be happy with what you got

There use to be a web site that listed (for free) celebrity addresses and had a link for members to give feedback on results. Most if not all comments on ET were favorable and that's why I did a mailing in the first place.

My advice is just enjoy collecting autographs. I have on several occasions stood right next to a celebrity while  they signed (I even had my picture taken with them) but with the passage of time, an element of doubt nevertheless entered into my mind as to whether or not the signature was genuine. Go figure!

Hello Saul!

 I want to thank you for your advice.  I do enjoy collecting. Been doing it for many years and I would never try to sell this as authentic. It will go in the I had the wool pulled over my eyes pile. 




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