What do you guys think?
Could this be legit?

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Great story. Do you still have the other pieces? I think it would be great to share them if you do.
I still have 3 of the albums. Unfortunately I only have one here in Orlando, the other 2 is still in Sweden. I also have a fully signed Cream album that I got in person with full autographs of all 3. Ginger Baker is very tough signer. I met him all by my self in the morning when he was checking out from the hotell. First he refused and told me that if he signed for me everyone else was going to ask for autographs.
When I convinced him that I was all by myself he signed 2 Cream albums. When he signed the 2 album for me another collector came up to us and asked for an autograph. Gingers comment to me was: I told you! That was 3 of the total of 5 autographs that he signed under two days including one for the promotor!

I got a lot of stories after being collecting in person for 25 years. So maybe I write a book in the future.....

Did you ever upload any pictures of your signatures? I would love to see them

Where is Roger when you need him?! :-)
Charging for it.




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