Opinions on Autographed Baseballs of Bush, Ford, Carter and Reagan in a Single Shadow Box Display

I'd like to get some opinions on the attached baseballs of Ford, Carter, Bush and Reagan.  To be honest, I feel comfortable with the Ford, Carter and Bush.  I'm not sure about the Reagan.  Some things look correct, but other aspects of the signature look different.  Although I do not have any Reagan signatures on a baseball, so that might cause a different signature than the several I have that are flat signed.

Thanks in advance for any opinions.

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Here are the other photos.  I also have a question as to how the baseballs are mounted in the shadowbox.  Thanks in advance for any replies.

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Hi Delvin,
In my opinion these were all signed very slowly. Pen flow doesn't seem correct. Another way to find out about your Reagan is to pull the baseball off the shadow box and look at the baseball stamp and can you tell us who the commissioner is ?

The baseballs aren't mine, so I don't have access to the shadowbox.  But the Carter and Ford look good to me.  I think even the Bush looks OK.  Its the Reagan I was concerned about.

I've had Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter sign 3 baseballs each at book signings.  I still have a singled signed from both and a dual-signed.  But I think the Carter signature looks good from the '90s book signings.  And the Ford looks right, too.  Anything that Carter signed after the late '90's isn't for me.  I think they're too easy to forge.  But the signatures all look fluid to me.  I don't see where they were signed slow.  The only thing that has me apprehensive about pulling the trigger is the Reagan baseball.  If that's not good, then it really doesn't matter whether the other 3 are good.

The reason I like the Gerald Ford is because of the "r" in "Gerald" and the "r and d" in "Ford".  And I've got almost a dozen Carter autographs (from 8 different book signings) that the baseball just looks good to me.  But I could be wrong.  Again, its the Reagan that concerns me.  I may do a PSA quick opinion on the Reagan and see what they say.

They could all be ok but personally the only one I feel sure about is Carter

1. None of the balls are right.

2. Unless it was in the 1980s or earlier, Gerald Ford never did a book signing.



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