1927 NY Yankees Team Signed Autographed Baseball Babe Ruth--Forged

Check out the below forged "1927 NY Yankees" team-signed baseball.

I would bet my life that this crap was originally purchased from Coach's Corner Auctions (also known as Roach's Korner).

I have no doubt that this was originally purchased from Coach's Corner Auctions (Lee Trythall and Scott Malack).

Over the last thirty years how many hundreds of forged Babe Ruth baseballs has Coach's Corner sold!!!


And people (not real collectors) still purchase this crap; the people who buy this crap are either scammers who then try to flip it on Ebay, or people who think "they got lucky" at the great price and then they attempt to flip it for a profit.

Now let's check out the below forged 1927 NY Yankees team-signed baseball listed by Ebay seller Fwstanford.

Comes with a fake Barry Halper Letter/COA.

Those so-called Halper COAs were produced after Halper's passing.

Here is the baseball.

This is as laughable as it gets.

An authentic set of 1927 NY Yankees autographs on a baseball would easily sell for over $15,000.

I know some 5-year old kids who could pen a better set of forgeries.

The majority of forged Babe Ruth baseballs that the Roach's have sold the last 30 years were penned by the same person.

I am curious how much the buyer paid for this crap from Coach's Corner Auctions.


Check out the laughable "Lou Gehrig."  

Fake Barry Halper COA.

I'd love to see the seller submit this to Beckett, JSA or PSA; they will deem it a forgery in a millisecond.  Over the past twenty years the aforementioned have received hundreds of similar garbage submitted for authentication.  

Now Check This Out:

Coach's Corner has the below "Babe Ruth" autographed baseball with a so-called COA from Beckett.

The Ruth is a forgery and Beckett did not authenticate this "Babe Ruth."

Typical for Roach's Korner Auctions.


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Comment by Steve Zarelli on February 1, 2023 at 6:24pm

Looks like it was signed yesterday. Laughable, cartoonish fake. 

Comment by Christopher Williams on February 1, 2023 at 6:31pm

And as we all know, Coach's Corner, over the last few decades, has sold hundreds of similar-looking forged Babe Ruth and Yankees team-signed baseballs.

Comment by Steve Zarelli on February 2, 2023 at 8:59am

Serious collectors are not fooled by junk like this. Unaware newbies may be fooled. But, the people who most often fall pray to obvious fakes are people who think they have outsmarted everyone else and found a rare gem they can flip for a profit. In fact, they have been outsmarted. 

Most scams require a greedy victim to work. (Someone who thinks they are getting a crazy steal they can profit from.)

Comment by Christopher Williams on February 2, 2023 at 2:09pm

Well written, Steve.  

All of those buyers on Ebay who think they "outsmarted" everyone when they purchased that "Mickey Mantle" signed photo for $50.00.  Exactly.

Even the people who buy forgeries on Ebay aren't going to purchase that laughable "1927 NY Yankees" team-signed baseball.

It's disgustingly awful and repulsive.

Comment by Christopher Williams on February 2, 2023 at 3:41pm

Is this the one the seller purchased?

Anyone who thinks they purchased an authentic set of autographs on a baseball from the "1927 NY Yankees" has to be delusional.  Click your mouse on the below image to get a closer view.


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