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Many years ago, autograph collectors were content to carry an autograph book to events with the hope that they would encounter their favorite celebrities.  Many of those autograph books were filled with some of Hollywood’s greatest personalities.  They have since been torn apart and sold as individual items.

Years later, autograph books were replaced with index cards.  Autograph collectors would carry a certain quantity of index cards with the same hope.  That they would encounter their favorite celebrities.

Today, many autograph collectors carry blank photo paper.  A celebrity can autograph the blank photo paper with a Sharpie, and the autograph collector can then print an image over the autograph.  This method has replaced both autograph books and index cards.

The consensus is still out on this method of autograph collecting.  Some have even suggested that the autograph and image may fade over time.  Most autograph collectors have not seen evidence of such damage.

Some celebrities are apprehensive to autograph blank photo paper.  The concern is that an autograph collector may print an inappropriate image.  Stan Lee was very cautious about autographing blank comic books for the same reason.  He was concerned that an artist would draw something inappropriate.

Perhaps the best use for blank photo paper in our hobby is for drawings and sketches.  There is little opportunity for abuse then.  Hopefully nothing fades over time.

Tim Burton used a blue Sharpie to sketch this Jack Skellington image on blank photo paper.

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