A little over a month ago I sent an email to Ebay about obvious shill bidding.

Of course, Ebay never responded.

This has been going on for months with Ebay seller Stevew6.

Ebay seller Stevew6 is a consistent seller of GFA-certed forgeries.

But along with his selling of GFA-certed and other assorted laughable forgeries, there is shill bidding activity in his auctions and it is obvious.

Let's look at some of the shill bidding within the auctions of Ebay seller Stevew6.

Here are his Mickey Mantle/Roger Maris forgeries still active on Ebay


Now the bidding.  

You will have to click on all of the images that show the bidding to get a closer view.

Check out bidder l***y

As you can see, bidder l***y only bids on auctions from Ebay seller Stevew6.

Next auction by Ebay seller Stevew6.

Mickey Mantle forgery on a baseball with a laughable COA (to go along with the laughable Mickey Mantle forgery) from Stephen Rocchi and his Guaranteed Forensic Authenticators group.


Now check the bidding from bidder l***y

You will have to click on all of the below images to get a better view.

Joe DiMaggio/Ted Williams forgeries listed by Ebay seller Stevew6.


Now the bidding.

Below is a link to other shill bidding from the auctions of Ebay seller Stevew6.

Ebay refuses to act on it.


So, does Ebay now permit shill bidding?

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Comment by Christopher Williams on October 2, 2015 at 7:50pm

Jeff, that's funny, sad and true.

Comment by jeff conlee on October 2, 2015 at 7:52pm

was looking at this sellers items and maybe bidding but then the next day 4 negs appeared on 4 Cubs autos -- what do you guys think ? Is the seller a forger ? Yhey were the 1st negs he has gotten http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=... 

Comment by michael bartow on October 7, 2015 at 11:06pm

The sad part is it seems like there is a lot of shill biding going on and ebay seems to turn a blind eye to it also. I'm into nascar and collecting autographs on diecasts and sheetmetal for me to sell. I have seen some supposed buyers shill bid people and you'll know after awhile who they are. Just look at the bid retractions they have. I've seen some in the triple digits and ebay keeps letting these folks get away with it even though ebay states that they keep a close eye on people who seem to do a lot of bid retractions in a short time span and they are going to suspend your account for it. Yeah person had 100 plus in 30 days tell me that's not shill bidding. Hell I even have had an issue with one of those type auctions a year or 2 ago. I was bidding on a used Hendrick motorsports valve cover. Things were getting a bit hot and heavy and I started to fall for the trick till I had a look at the guys info who was outbidding me. Good lord the guy was shill bidding me up. I decided well I'll play the same game back. Sent an email to the seller saying hey I know what the other bidder is doing and told him the guy is going to bail on the auction and leave you high and dry and said I'll atleast hold up my end of the bargin if I win the auction if he bails and lets see if he will to. Well about a couple of hours later after that message was sent to the seller the supposed high bidder decided to bail on the auction. Got a very nasty email back from the seller saying oh I was in on it and blah blah blah even though I warned him as to what was going to happen. Told the a****** if you think I'm in on it then send your proof to ebay and let them decide. I told him how about I turn you over to ebay for the same thing. said funny how I say something and next thing you know the guy bailed on the auction. I said I think ebay will side with me since I was the one who warned you and would be more then happy to send along the message from their board to them showing I have the proof and next thing you know the guy decided to bail on the auction. I didn't hear another word back from the guy and said to myself what an a******.  Even now when I get outbid on something I like to check the high bidders retraction numbers. if they don't have any then I either say to hell with it and wait for the next time or try and outbid the person. If its a shill deal I just walk away and let some other guy fall for it. and believe me its happened all to many times. I've asked sellers to block people and one said they did for the person who bailed on another auction I was bidding on but seems like the vicious circle seems to never end. till ebay cleans up the mess and starts to enforce the rules this will keep on happening.


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