Drew Max (AAU), FDE (Forensic Document Examiner) 500 Homerun Club Autographed Mantle, Aaron, Mays Ted Williams Pawn Stars

Here's a piece I found on the Coach's Corner Auction site headed by Scott Malack & Lee Trythall.

It's a 8X10 piece that includes autographs of the original eleven (11) members of the "500 Homerun Club."  The piece is authenticated by Drew Max (AAU).  Mr. Max calls himself a Forensic Document Examiner.

All eleven (11) autographs are horrific forgeries. 

First, a link to the auction.


Photo of the piece.

Now here is a close-up of the Eddie Mathews forgery.  Look at the "J" above the Eddie Mathews forgery.

My friend Scott (GrayGhost) thinks the forger might have started penning a Joe DiMaggio forgery until they realized that Joe DiMaggio isn't a member of the "500 Homerun Club."

I emailed Drew Max and asked him if he physically examined this piece.  You would think, that Drew Max and his Hubble-sized magnifying glass would have spotted that "J" above the Eddie Mathews forgery.

Of course, this piece of crap shouldn't have been authenticated at all, but this piece makes it look like Drew Max did not physically look at this piece.  Another beauty certed by Drew Max.


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Comment by Jim McFiver on June 30, 2012 at 1:54am


Comment by Steve on July 2, 2012 at 1:25pm

These appear to of all been written in the same hand.


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