Ebay Seller Garageinc_5 Sells Kobe Bryant Forged Counterfeit 2000-01 Ovation Autograph Card For $335.00

Immediately below are links to previous threads on forged/counterfeit Kobe Bryant "2000-01 Ovation" cards.

People are continuing to emotionally impulsive buy Kobe Bryant forgeries on Ebay.

I find all of this disgusting.

People don't realize what a TOUGH PULL this particular card was and yet they are all over Ebay.

Since Kobe Bryant's passing,  98% of these cards on that have been sold and listed on Ebay are the forged/counterfeit version.








Here is another one that sold on Ebay.

The below forged/counterfeit Kobe Bryant "2000-01 Upper Deck Ovation" card was sold by Ebay seller Garageinc_5 for $335.00 (Best Offer accepted).

What a waste of $335.00!!

I don't know how some of these people live with themselves selling a forged/counterfeit card.


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Comment by Bran on December 1, 2020 at 4:37pm

Hi Christopher. I was the seller of this particular card. This was returned to me and I gave a refund to the buyer. I found this blog post after googling ‘Kobe Ovation Auto’ and saw all the Kobe Ovations that have sold as counterfeit. I, in turn, returned this card to the original seller and got rid of it. I’ll hold on to my Panini Kobe autos from now on. 

Comment by Christopher Williams on December 3, 2020 at 3:15pm

Bran, if that's what you did, the hobby and myself appreciates that.

Thank you.


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