Ebay Seller Heytwohosers Sells Forged Derek Jeter Card--GAI Slabbed COA

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Immediately below is a link to a previous thread on Ebay seller Heytwohosers.


Here is that forged Derek Jeter "1993 Upper Deck" rookie card sold by Ebay seller Heytwohosers for $283.00.

Someone just flushed $283.00 down the toilet.

Crap like this is an easy sell on Ebay with Ebay so heavily-populated with delusional autograph collectors and impulse buyers.

This was penned by an idiot and moron forger.

The source of these forged, GAI-slabbed Derek Jeter cards used various Jeter rookie cards and these have sold by the hundreds.

The forgery industry on Ebay continues to flourish.

Here is that forged Derek Jeter card sold by Ebay seller Heytwohosers for $283.00.


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Comment by Christopher Williams on July 25, 2021 at 7:06pm

Looks like Ebay seller Heytwohosers re-listed this crap and it sold for $190.00.

$190.00 for a POS forgery.


Click your mouse on the below image to get a closer view.


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