Ebay Seller Vince8870 Forged Auto 500 Homerun Club Baseball Mickey Mantle

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Check out this laughable forged 500 Homerun Club baseball sold by Ebay seller Vince8870 for a whopping $285.00.  Does the person who purchased this really believe they bought an authentic set of autographs for $285.00?

It's almost 2023 and from what I observe, the forgery business is still huge as it ever was.

It's unfortunate, but Ebay is heavily populated with delusional autograph collectors, impulse buyers and scammers.   People have this preconception that Ebay filters out all of the forgeries;  on Ebay it is Buyer Beware.

If you don't know autographs, Ebay in my opinion, is the most dangerous place to buy autographs and the sellers of Ebay are very aware that over 80% of the people who buy autographs have zero knowledge of autographs.

Here is that piece-of-crap forged 500 Homerun Club baseball sold by Ebay seller Vince8870 for $285.00.

$285.00 down the toilet.


Worthless COA from Grand Slam Sports Co.

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