I write for a newspaper in San Diego (San Diego Reader, if anyone is in town, pick one up).

I did a blog on their website called "Daisy's Pushing Daisies". It had to do with Jessica Simpson, who had a malti-poo (the same dog I have), being dragged off by a coyote. She put flies up asking for the publics help in finding it.

I think I angered some PETA people and dog lovers, when I said that she'll get the dog back as the "poo" part of maltipoo. Because, once the coyote has it, I'm sure the little guy is toast.

But this got me thinking...I've seen companies selling autographed photos of famous women that were nude. Bridgette Bardot, Bettie Page, Cindy Crawford, and Bo Derek are the ones that jump to mind.

And this means that, assuming they are not forgeries (that Bardot signature is beautiful, and probably hard to forge)...someone had to approach these people with the nude photo, asking them for a John Hancock (Sorry, I couldn't resist using that word with the subject matter...it just sounded....naughty).

I'm wondering if anyone took one of these flies Simpson put up, and will have her autograph it. There are probably less than 50 of them that were printed up, making this a rare item.

Also, it's doubtful she would even want to autograph such a thing. Although, you could catch her with other people around, where she isn't paying attention to what is being signed.

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Comment by Robert Babb on September 22, 2009 at 12:07pm
Maybe Bob Barker would also sign this to as he is a big animal activist?
Comment by Josh Board on September 23, 2009 at 12:56am
Oops! I typed "flies" instead of "fliers" (or is it "flyers"? I'm a writer, I should know these things). Yeah, I wondered before if Barker has signed animal type of items. I'm sure he has. I'm sure he's also signed some of those Adam Sandler movie posters and 8 x 10s...from Happy Gilmore, where Barker beats him up on the golf course.


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