HOLY MACKERAL= I was researching the Trump signed bible that Gary Zimet claimed to own. Then I found this legal document indicating that Gary Zimet has committed a felony. Is there any person on here that could give  me more information on this autograph dealer. What  was Gary Zimet put in prison for? Here are just a few links regarding Moments in Time that I found on Autograph Live.....

Sidney Fields wrote this on here:

 Sidney Fields on July 16, 2017 at 10:37pm

There are questions about this company.  

The 1999 sale of this item sparked litigation.  

In 2003, the owner of the LP claimed he never received his proceeds from the sale.

And, topping all issues, is the company's claim to have found the holy grail of music memorabilia. Not surprisingly, there doesn't seem to be any word of this ever selling.

then I found this comment here:

Comment by stu deitcher on May 3, 2011 at 8:13pm

Any comments about Gary Zimet?  His website is like a cemetary...feels very dead.  Just my opinion, but go look for yourself (Moments In Time).  He has very few Photos of his items and only his big money items have them.  Opinions?

then I found this:

Reply by Martin Peters To spaceman on April 20, 2019 at 7:22pm

I bought a set of Long Beatles back in the early 2000's from Gary Zimet of "Moments in Time".  It was a set of four "bio" pages signed by the corresponding Beatle.  I will see if I can find the scans.  Fortunately I was able to get a refund for them after having R&R look them over.  

then I found this on the site:

I have never dealt with them directly, however a dealer called Moments-In-Time offered to buy an autograph from me and I accepted.  They never paid me.  According to M.I.T. they sent it to Alexander Historical Autographs in Maryland and they never paid M.I.T.  In a written response to a complaint I filed with the California Office of the Attorney General, against  Moments-In-Time and it’s owner Gary Zimet , Mr. Zimet said that Alexander Autographs and it’s owner Bill Panagopulos had not paid him for the autograph and refused to send the autograph back to him (Zimet).  Since I have never dealt directly with them (Alexanders)  I can’t say whether they are honest or not, but Gary Zimet of Moments-In-Time said, in writing,  they were NOT honest.


If you sold it to Moments in Time, they owe you the money. If they have not been paid by whoever they sold it to, or consigned it to, that's not your problem. That's theirs.

But I think that it is highly unlikely that Alexander Autographs did not return the piece. That doesn't sound like them at all.

I agree, it is Moments In Time that owes me Steve.  The problem is Alexanders didn't send it back to Moments In Time they sold the autograph on a June auction on their site. They even used the scan I made and sent to MIT.  I contacted Alexanders and they said they couldn't tell me who put it up for auction. Company policy.  So since Alexanders didn't want to tell me who sent it to them, then all I can do is rely on Gary Zimet's word to me and and the Calif. Atty. General's office,  for all that's worth.


Just to make sure I understand, you literally sold it to Moments in Time and were supposed to receive a check after you sent it.

You didn't consign it to them, or sell it conditionally. They were just supposed to examine it upon receipt and then send you a check. Is that right?

That’s right Steve.  He had offered me $700.00 and after I sent it he found something he didn’t see in the scan and then offered $450.00.  I said that was fine and he said he would send me a check.  I had another offer of $500.00 but I went with MIT price.  When he didn’t send me the money I  emailed  him and he said he had sent it to a colleague of his who might have a customer for it.   After repeated messages he finally gave me the number of Alexander’s  and said  I should ask for Bill who has it and tell him to send back it to me.  That was a couple of weeks after it had been sold by Alexanders.  I have copies of all of our emails.

Moments in Time definitely owes you the money the way you explained it. Alexander's has nothing to do with it. 

I'd keep pressing Gary Zimet on it. 

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Comment by Sidney Fields on May 10, 2021 at 10:50am

Here's the Zimet indictment



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