Movie Scene Autographs -- Stephen King and Robin Williams

I met Robin Williams a few times, and he was always great signing autographs. One time, he was really upbeat. Another time, he got out of his limo, and seemed really sad. He was carrying a suit with him (that he would wear onstage that night for his performance in San Diego). I had him sign my "The World According to Garp" video, as well as a picture I ripped out of a magazine. I was talking to him a bit about Insomnia (his movie, not my sleeping issues), and he was friendly, if a bit down.

I was watching an old episode of "Inside the Actor's Studio" (with host James Lipton, who is horrible at that job, despite having someone snap a photo of me talking to him at an event). At some point, John Belushi's name was brought up. For those that don't know, Williams was with Belushi the night he overdosed on heroin and cocaine. He even went into film an episode of Mork & Mindy the next day, having not known he died. He told co-star Pam Dawber he worried about what kind of shape Belushi was in that night and she had to give him the sad news.

He talked on the Actor's Studio, about how odd it was being in court and having to testify, and everyone at the court coming over and whispering, "Mr. Williams, could I please get your autograph?" "Oh Robin, would you mind signing this for me."

I'm guessing people working for the court aren't normally allowed to do that.

Now, the new Stephen King movie "IT -- Chapter Two" opens this weekend. I already saw it. And, since there was an autograph scene, I figured I'd tell ya about it. In the movie, Stephen King pulls a Stan Lee and has a cameo, as a pawn shop owner selling a bike to James McAvoy's character. He's sporting a Neil Young shirt (from his best album "Harvest"), and is rather snotty with him. Since McAvoy plays a famous author, the pawnshop owner recognizes him and even says how he could easily afford the bicycle he wants. As he's walking out he notices a few of his books near the register. He asks, "Would you like me to sign those for you?" 

The pawnshop owner says, "Nah. I don't like your endings."

The scene gets a big laugh, because the movie starts off with a director of a film, complaining about how bad the ending is, and wanting a re-write of it for the film version.

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