The Hilarious Way Somebody Obtained Super Bowl Autographs

I’ve talked before about Guillermo, the security guard on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. Kimmel started going to him in a humorous way, partly making fun of his accent, but also just enjoying the fact that he didn’t know a lot about pop culture stuff. And as his on-camera presence increased, he started using him more and more. That included going to the red carpet for the Oscars, where he often tries to talk the celebrities into drinking shots of Tequila, or asks the attractive women for hugs or kisses (which might be something the show will consider curbing, with the state of affairs recently, and the “#metoo” movement).

What I’ve liked about him appearing at media day for the Super Bowl, is that he asks the wackiest questions (questions that the writers obviously prepared for him). It may not be the most original bit (remember, Howard Stern used Stuttering John to do the same thing, which means he’d sometimes get to people like baseball legend Ted Williams and would ask, “Did you ever fart in a catchers face?” But I digress).

A few times at media day, Guillermo has asked the players to autograph things. It was usually humorous items, that had nothing to do with the players or football. This year, it was a cookbook Tom Brady had put out.

It made sense when he asked Brady to sign it. Brady laughed and said, “Send it up here. I’ll sign it.”

When Guillermo asked him to personalize it, he said, “No, I won’t do that. It’ll take me too long just to write my name.”

Guillermo asked opposing quarterback Nick Foles why he didn’t have a cookbook. He asked various Patriots players, who he had sign the book, what their favorite recipe was. A few admitted to having not read it.

Easily the funniest moment came when he asked the notoriously cranky coach -- Bill Belichick -- to sign it. He said no. Guillermo asked him why, to which he responded, “We’re at a media event, not an autograph signing.” When Guillermo continued to pester him, he scowled, finally saying, “I’ll sign it after the event.” As Guillermo went on, Belichick snapped, “I said I’ll sign it after!”

The segment showed Guillermo bugging a few other players. Former Steeler James Harrison refused to give him a hug. Another player refused to answer a question about marijuana, merely laughing and walking away.

The segment concluded with Guillermo going up to Belichick as he walked away from the microphone. He signed the book, and wrote a long inscription on the cover. When Guillermo, pressing his luck, asked for a hug...there was an awkward moment. You were wondering if Belichick might throw a punch. Instead, he put the Sharpie in his mouth, extended his arms, and they hugged. It was hysterical.

I’m happy Guillermo got his book signed. And it was funny to hear Brady try to answer his question on how he keeps his teeth so white. But I still want the Patriots to lose. Badly.

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