So, in Torrey Pines here in San Diego, the big golf tournament is attracting lots of attention. Mostly because, it's the first time Tiger Woods hasn't played in it. And also, Phil Mickelson, considered the best golfer behind Tiger, is a local San Diego boy.

There have been pictures of him signing hats, shirts, photos, and golf balls.

But this story caught my eye.

They were going to auction off a windbreaker autographed by Tiger Woods. The starting bid was $2,000. Nobody bid, and someone yelled out "How about two dollars?!"

One San Diegan paid the two grand, with his wife telling him "You're stupid!" (ah, this is something all of us autograph collectors who have made a purchase at some point in our lives, have heard from friends and family).

The guy making the purchase did it because it went to a youth charity. He then gave the jacket to a kid as well.

I'm hoping his wife can appreciate what a wonderful man she married.

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Comment by Sheldon Gajarian on January 31, 2010 at 6:30pm
Is it just me or did you notice how much better golf was this weekend? Yep, I've said it a thousand times, it's better, for the most part, without him. He may well be the best that ever played, no doubt, but the GAME is better when commentators are not drolling and saying his name every 30 secs. Off my soapbox, it was very nice thing the gentlemen did for a kid...
Comment by Josh Board on January 31, 2010 at 11:32pm
I'm not a golf fan, and I haven't watched any. I can see your point Sheldon, but I can't say I agree with it. Any time a sport has a Michael Jordan, Ali, only makes things more interesting. You can always have upsets. Heck, remember that 58 year old dude that took Tiger into overtime a year ago?
It's up to the announcers to not mention his name every 30 seconds. But when you take the best players out of the sport (for whatever the reason), the sport suffers.


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