Who is America...and Who Signed a Torture Device?

I was bummed when Sacha Baron Cohen dropped out of the Queen movie. He looks more like Freddie Mercury than Rami Malek, and I think he’s a better actor.

Cohen is probably best known to people for the character Borat he played, in a very bizarre and funny movie. He pretended to be from another country, as he asked real people (some famous) very bizarre questions. Cohen also had success with his Bruno character, a gay fashion reporter that also did a lot of bizarre things. One of which was getting Paula Abdul to do a sit down interview, where he called in his Mexican gardens to knee down and act as chairs so she could sit on their backs during the interview. It was baffling that she agreed to do that, before cutting the interview short.

He’s gone back to tricking people, with a show “Who is America?” It’s on Showtime and it’s been tricking a lot of people. You probably heard about the fake interview Sarah Palin did. There ended up being some angry tweets back and forth after it, since Palin claims Cohen pretended to be a wounded veteran in order to get the interview.

What is of more interest to the autograph collecting community though, is the interview Cohen did with former Vice President Dick Cheney. After the fake interview, somebody off-screen (who sounds a bit like Borat), asks “Is it possible to sign my waterboard kit?”

Cheney chuckles and says, ‘That’s a first. That’s the first time I’ve ever signed a waterboard.” He then puts his John Hancock on it.

For those that don’t know, during the George W. Bush administration, Cheney often defended the CIA of some forms of torture, including waterboarding, during interrogations. And for those that don’t know what waterboarding is, you’re tied to a chair, and a towel is placed on your face. Water is poured on it, which ends up simulating the feeling of drowning.

I think Cohen should sell it, and donate the proceeds to the Wounded Warriors or something, so everybody wins.

Showtime has used Cohen tricking people before. His breakout series was “Da Ali G Show” in which he played a British rapper/gangster (it’s not the funniest character he does). He even got the future President, Donald Trump, to answer some questions. There was a clip from that, with Trump berating him, that was used to promote this show earlier this month.

I’m guessing people will like it or hate it...based on their politics.

Remember when humor was based on what was funny instead of who was in office? I had on occasion, written some jokes for late night shows back in the day. Now it seems they’re more interested in bashing Trump than actually being funny. And that’s a shame. Not because President Trump doesn’t deserved to be bashed, but because we like to watch humorous things to make us laugh.

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Comment by just some dude on July 19, 2018 at 9:04am

I watched the guns and toddlers clip and in my opinion those people are in on the joke.

Cohen is hilarious, but its a comedy show that relies on suspended belief. The minute you start to think that it’s real, you’re willingly entering the political spin zone.

And yes, theres a huge difference between a funny joke and being a mouthpiece for Democrats. I dont watch Colbert for that reason. And dont get me started on Baldwin - it was funny in the beginning, but clearly became more about mud slinging than being funny.

Comment by Josh Board on July 19, 2018 at 9:50am

You stated that perfect, just some dude!

Comment by just some dude on July 19, 2018 at 10:11am

Thanks, I hate politics in entertainment. No matter which side. Its ok to have an opinion, but enough is too much.


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