My Autographed White Track and Limo Cars and with Picture Proof Photos, (P.P.P.)

#E1D-1-1, Autographed White Limo with 16 Signers, Bill Murry, Mario Lopez, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Picture Proof Autographs,(P.P.A.), all 16 signers comes with an Picture Proof Photo. (P.P.P.)

1) Vanna White, Wheel Of Fortune,
2) Jensen Buchannan, Marley, from Another World,
3) FABIO, Fabio Lanzoni, Italian Model,
4) Tommy Puett, Life Goes On, Tyler,
5) Mario Lopez, Save By The Bell, Slater,
6) Bill Murry, Ghost Busters, Dr. Peter Venkman,
7) Floyd Weasen,
8) Mary DeBaggis, DJ 104.3 FM Radio,
9) Roe Conn, WLS Radio,
10) Annie Maxfield, WGN Radio,
11) Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Save By The Bell, Zack,
12) Carol Ramas, WBBM am Radio,
13) Red?,
14) Russell Todd, Another World, Dr. Jamie Frame,
15) Bernie Toyoyta, WBBM AM Radio,
16) The Late, Ed (Rat Fink) Roth

an Majorettt, 1/24 scale, die cast.
#E1D-1-2, Autographed White Limo by 18 signers, Daryl Hannah, Roger Ebert, The Late Bob Keeshan, (Captain Kangaroo).and 15 others,

1) Daryl Hannah, Hollywood, Splash, Kill Bill,
2) Ron Riveria, Chicago Bears, NFL, Football,
3) Milu Murry, WSCR Radio, Chicago,
4)Jay Hilenburg, Chicago Bears,
5) Nick Firestone, INDY, Grandson of Mr. Firestone Tire,
6) Trace Armstong, Chicago Bears,
7) Dick Beyondi, WLS Radio, Chicago,
8) Bob Christansan, Chicago Bears,
9) The Late Bob Keeshan, Captain Kangaroo,
10) The Late Ed (Big Daddy) Roth, Creator of Rat Fink,
11) Austin St. John, The Red, Power Ranger,
12) David Kaplin, Sports, A Piece Of The Game,
13) Brain Jones, Sports Radio,
14) The Late Roger Ebert, Movie Credit, At The Movies,
15) Ron Magers, Ch. 5 News, Anchor,
16) Chris Zorch, Chicago Bears,
17) The Late Bill (Maverick) Golden, The Little Red Wagon, NHRA,
18) Erik Estrada, TV show, Chips, (2 Pictures)

Majorette, 1/32 scale, White Limo, Die cast, with 18 Picture Proof Autographs (P.P.A.),

#E1D-1-3, Autographed White Limo by 17 signers, The Late Dale Earnhardt Sr., and 16 others,

1) Ericca K**, Olympics,
2) Bob Strauser, Owner Of Star Limos,
3) Lanu McAlista, W.M.V.P.,
4) Mark Carrier, Chicago Bears, N.F.L., Football,
5) Patti Haze, Radio D.J., Chicago,
6) The Late Dale Earnhardt Sr., NASCAR, #3, GM Goodwrench,
7) Bill Kurtis, News Anchor,

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